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Check Sexy People for "a celebration of the perfect portrait." And yes they have a category just for those ill laser school portraits, just in case you were wondering.

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The Spanish Plateresque design church opened in 1940 and is meant to hearken back to Toledo’s namesake in Spain. It is the only church of its design in North America.

Maazing things, very good! I always thought that the body is much more important than to give you credit!?

Projects are generally characterized as being the product of a few super-contributors and a mass of people who contribute some minor bits. I've heard this called the "dirty little secret of open source," the fact that most of the heavy lifting is done, not by the crowd per se, but by a few select individuals from within the crowd.

It has always surprised me how people change physically. Sexy people sometimes becomome not as sexy and vice versa.

ha ha ha hilarious, he is a very ugly little boy. but, he looks like my brother when he was young

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