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Great image man - again like the Miles/Mcqueen - keep up the good work.

Coltrane is the rarest of birds. Familiarity does not lessen the sense of wonder. I've spent over half of my life getting to know John Coltrane through his music and it still hits me right in the heart every time I hear the man play "Naima" or when he plays "My One and Only Love" with Johnny Hartman. Or when he gets to my favorite arpeggio riff in his solo on "Impressions". To call Coltrane an icon is cliched, but never, in my opinion, truer. Were I religious man, I would truly believe to get caught up in his music is to know the power of the spiritual. He makes me want to be a true person as I travel the world and keep my passions in my pocket at all times.

Sorry for the lengthy post, but Coltrane inspires.

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