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Oh yea! I'm definitely digging this for the single. That old school throwback night-scene vibe. Perfect. So many possibilities here. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

I'm liking your imagery inspirations. Very cool, melding of jazz, blues, the old school neon lights, a little Miles Davis, the Sinatra. You're hitting the kind of vibe that fits hand to glove with his sound.

Jake - I cannot wait for this !!!!!

It sounds good for our age group, but Taylor already has our age group sold. I'm in my 40's, and my kids are 21, 19, and 14. They and their friends would not give a throw back theme a second glance. I would worry that a theme like this isn't going to appeal to the young crowd. Something simple like James Blunt's "Your Beautiful" appeals to all age groups. Just my opinion. My intention is not to insult or put down your hard work.

That should say "You're Beautiful." Ugh That's what I get for being on the phone and typing at the same time. lol

I agree. Taylor sound is not.. or at least it should not be... seen as a blast from the past. But rather as good music coming into today.

Love is timeless, and his new single is a beautiful love song. Please don't clutter it with old cobwebs and ghost from the past. It will kill the younger market.

Instead show the highs and lows of life and loving that are common to us all from 18 to 80.

Sorry if I sound harsh, but I am hoping that you posted this to get feed back and not just cuddles.

I came back to post again because critsm alone without expressing my own ideas would not serve any pupose other than sounding off. So for what its worth here is what I had hoped to see in the video...

A cross between scenes of Taylor performing his song and actors doing scenes of heartbreak and triumph. The thread running through it all would be Living your life and your destiny with the hope that comes from deep in the soul and is expressed in undying love... a real tear jerker that makes you smile.

I want the world to feel the deep sense of soul that resides in Taylor Hicks. The man that does not understand the meaning of quit.

I like the idea. The younger generation needs to understand us "old folks" better-maybe Taylor can bridge the gap--

Thanks and Soul Patrol!!

Thanks so much for all the interest and support! Love it! We're making a modern video for all ages to enjoy!!!

I am thinking that Mr. Davis has gotten a feel for Taylor's personality and musical style and has received Taylor's creative imput for this video.

As a professional at this game, I am thinking that Mr. Davis will be more than successful in making a video that is visually appealing and brings Taylor's message to the masses.

Good luck in this endeavor; we are waiting eagerly for the results.

Thank you.

Please do not make a vid for old folks. That's all I got to say.

I think that Taylor has been very adept at making his own career decisions...and I'm sure that the product that he and Jake create will be what Taylor wants it to be.

As for me...I'm easily pleased.
Jake...just Showcase Taylor's wonderful talent using your creative talent...and I'm sure the majority of his fans will be jubilant.

I don't know what's on Taylor cd, but if it's soul/R&B music, please do something sexy/romantic. If it's too old school, it won't get any attention.

I am so sorry about all of this Jake, sure you and Taylor will do an amazing video together.

Jake, I trust your creative instinct and Taylor's innate wisdom. This is your project. The planets are in alignment. It’s finally time for the world to sit back and enjoy it. Let it flow--it's your time to shine.

Keep us updated on the progress of the video Jake! Will it be available here when it's done?


Your pictorial interpretation is genius. I love the throwback, classic, old soul feel of it. The repetition of the same picture a few times of the same kind of picture is also quite interesting.

Are these your own personal observations of the artist or some ideas that maybe he's given you of his own vision?

Best of luck on your video!

WOW nice Inspirational Montage. I see where you may have gotten the inspiration for the new pic of Taylor walking at night. He's in the trench coat. I'm thinking you went with the James dean pic 3rd row from the bottom & he's in a trench coat kinds hunch over cause it's raining.

you missed jimi, jim, freddy, sunshine, sunset....
what a lovely random thoughts...

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