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Oh my my! Taylor looks absolutely gorgeous! Thank you Jake for letting us see a picture from the shoot! Anything else you can throw our way about the video would be great!

Can you give any info about when it will be done and when we can see it?

Thanks Jake. Love the feel of this video already! Any additional stray crumbs would be welcomed!

Taylor looks perfect and flawless and gorgeous!!! I can't wait for the video!! (:

Thank you Jake !!
I am glad YOU are involved.
Anticipation is growing, with each and every morsel of info.

hmm. who is this guy ?

Thanks Jake for this gorgeous photo and for being so willing to share a little something with us. Cannot wait for this video!!

Taylor cleans up well.

Taylor looks rather like a 1940's hard-boiled detective ...... I am thinking Sam Spadeish .

SO different from what we see in videos today. Waiting for what follows is gonna be hard but it looks like the wait will be so worthwhile.

Thanks for the glimpse.

Thanks so much Jake! I sort of pictured a Bogie & Bacall type vid. Casablanca'ish. I believe whatever it is, it will be classy like you!

The waiting is difficult but we know that good things come to those who wait ~ don't we!
What we've seen so far only makes us want more. Thanx for sharing what you have with us. Stay Warm!

Looks like it's gonna be a cool video.
Is Taylor's hair darkened???
I sure hope not:(

Thanks so much for the picture, Jake. Taylor looks great. Can't wait to see the video. I'm sure it's going to be wonderful. Seeing Taylor tonight at Martyrs -- I'm psyched!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you, Jake! Taylor looks great - very classy! I can't wait to view this video!! :-)

Sounds like the video will be classic, can't wait to see it. Taylor looks wonderful. Like some said above any idea when it will be released and where?

What a great picture,I have a feeling this video is going to be a classic.Thanks for the sneak peek Jake !

Thanks for the sneak peek! This video is going to surprise people! Thanks for being such a great guy.

This is a great picture...Taylor's really paying attention to what you're saying :D
Can't wait for the video!

Taylor is a class act, start to finish. His genius is just starting to emerge as he surrounds himself with others of like mind, goals and interests. The video you make with him will reach out and touch more souls than you can possibly imagine right now. The soul as emerging from Taylor is love and knows no boundaries, no limits, nor does it find its end in this plane.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful picture of you and Taylor. The video will be wonderful.

I can see a little of the sultry, dark Elvis
in this profile-but I know Taylor was only listening to your every word and learning from you.

Can that man get any more gorgeous? With the look you have going he just might get a LOT of acting roles--and that's OK because it only means that more people get to see his amazing gifts.

Thanks for the morsel-of course we are wanting the full course meal and its difficult to wait-but we will-knowing that what the world will see will be totally unexpected and classy-and we'll sit back going "Told ya!!"

OMG! I am so excited about this video! Thanks for acknowledging that Taylor is a class act and a real pleasure to work with. Taylor's fans all know this since we have followed his career from Idol but it is nice when someone in the industry backs us up.

PLEASE, can you tell us WHEN and WHERE the video will be seen?

Thanks for the great picture and you can show us as much as you want -- honestly we won't complain!

Thank you so much! Taylor looks amazing, great shot, can't wait!!!

Thanks for all the love and support! We're hard at work in the edit. I'll keep you posted...

ooooh man is he gorgeous! That's such a great shot of him! :)
Seeing this makes me even more anxious to see the video. Got anymore you're allowed to give us? :):)

As you might be able to tell, Jake, Hicks' fans are appreciative about any word they can get regarding his ventures. Thanks for continuing the updates.

the taylor look is thud!!!!!

Oh, how very Edward Cullin Taylor looks. Genius marketing to the younger crowd..


I hope I'm not the only one playing the song and just looking at this photo. He looks amazing(: I have seen him live twice this year, and have plans for a 3rd. We are so happy his video is in your hands. Got candle lit on this one!


Thanks Jake for this tidbit! Taylor looks fantastic and the video you are making sounds like a winner! CAN'T WAIT to see the finished product.

Thanks, Jake for this teaser! You will find Taylor has many ardent fans who have been waiting ages (it seems) for a video. You have some great inspiration in your corner -timeless....like Taylor.

Cripes - that picture has been here for how long and I'm only now seeing it?? Note to self - go on line earlier in the day!!!!

Hey there. Just a quick note to thank you for letting us have a quick peek and hear that others are starting to recognise Tay for the class act we have all been fortunate to know the past three years. We're really excited to see the video as you can see. It's been a long time coming. And can I just add that I'm sue with a genteman such as yourself at the helm, this will be outstanding? Thank you for including us and stay safe and warm.

What´s Right Is Right and this picture sure is right. Love the song and cannot wait for the video.

A classy video for a classy man.
A super talented director for a super talented musician.

A classy video for a classy man.
A superb director for a superb musician!

Think Taylor needed this video to go with new single release. JMHO.

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