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Jake I feel you on this and I've been on both sides of the equation. It has become a sad state of affairs as of late with the written brutality among these blogs. It's easier to lash out and criticize than it is to say something articulate and insightful which I think is the case for some posters in the midst. These comments are fueled by ones own personal issues that can easily be vent behind some alias. I use my real name on any blog that I make comments on. I stand behind what I say and put my ass out there. I think it should become mandatory for posters to use there real names and not hide behind fake ones. I think this would keep a lot of people in check.

Hmm... Hate or healthy criticism? Jealousy or frustration? H(Y)R is shallow self-promotion at best, completely vapid the rest of the time, and otherwise trite. The dude gets way to much play for way too little work.

I suppose I'm just adding fuel to your fire, and that is not my intention - my intention is this:

Your post is a gross and insulting misreading of Do the Right Thing. Please do not use Lee's message to articulate the injustices of being a style blogger. Radio Rahim's tale of Good and Evil is in no way relevant to your quest to protect the "inspiring people" of the Internet. Love triumphing over hate is not an appropriate analogy here, and this post just further proves that once in a while someone has to get called out, in real life, or through the magic of the internet. Today it was your turn.

My point and case. Bold words from someone who hides behind an alias. Come on (Love) show yourself.

The problem here isn't one of identity - you don't know me anyway, what does it matter? Anyway, what are you suggesting? That I wouldn't say these things in person? Why, because there'd be a physical altercation? Is that what you mean, Jake, by repercussions? C'mon.

And, again, what does it matter anyway? Wouldn't you rather have anonymity and openness? I would rather hear people speak openly and freely without knowing their names - what do I care who any of you is?

The problem here is about the quality (or lack thereof) in 'style' writing, and how basically, for someone, like myself, who is interested in some of these topics (covered by ACL, HYR, JD, etc.) there is almost nothing of any substance ever published worth reading. I come here, and to the others mentioned, because my options are limited. And if some people want to speak up in an attempt to give this downright uninspiring scene a little life, I'm all for it. Let's get some debate going. If there is some perceived hate, counter it. I'd rather see writers and readers make bold points and be thoughful, provocative and restless than reguritate the same garbage about some (crappy) Red Wings that are being sold at (wait for it) J. Crew.

HYR is dim, ALC is a PR hack and JD is the most arrogant person on the internet.

Love- I think you need a hug dude, it's all gravy buddy. I like going to "Arrogant Jake, Dim HYR, and the PR Hack" because they are everyday dudes writing about what THEY like and they don't seem to have angle on this except for writing about their interests. They aren't writing about it because they have to, but because they want to. It is their opinion and you are more than welcome to continue to bash these blogs but it seems pointless to me. Why do you continue to go to these blogs if they "lack quality in style writing?"
I like the blog world because anyone can do it and there are some more popular than others...like the ones you've mentioned but I think it's pretty deserved. Hell, I have a blog but I just do it as a more modern style journal of sorts.
My last point is this, I think it takes a lot of guts for anyone to put themselves out there in this "technological world" by having a site, i mean BLOG, and write about what they think. Thus, if you feel there is no quality, WHY DON'T YOU DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.
There is nothing worse than people who constantly talk shit while sitting in the back seat. And that's what it sounds like to me.
I think you would have a point if jake's blog was called gq.com but it's not. It's 1 guy...with damn good taste if i may say so, talking about things he likes. THERE IT IS.
Now, I'm sure you are going to reply to this and that's fine but I'm not going to start a BLOG WAR and go back and forth but wanted to write from a fan of this blog.

I wrote Jake an email saying that I listen to BB King: Live at the Regal everyday and think he should check it out, maybe he would enjoy it.

I didn't think it was a big deal, but apprently he took what I was saying the wrong way. I dig most of what you say, its your blog, I wouldn't read it if I didn't like it.

You put your pants on one leg at a time like everyone else. You are good at what you do and I respect that, and it isn't anybodies business what you do, but I wasn't bashing you, I thought you might enjoy a little blues, thats all.

For everyone reading this, you should listen to "Sweet Little Angel" by BB King on the Live at the Regal album, you may like it. Jake, why don't you give it a listen as well, it's worth the three minutes out of our day.


I agree with you about the lack of civility. I personally felt pretty bad after freaking out about 45rpm the other day (I can't remember if I hadn't had my coffee or had already broken into the gin) and was heartened by your thoughtful response. You sir are a gentleman, and it shows!

Love -- I have to agree with your assessment of HYR, a site that encapsulates what I consider to be the most annoying trend among style blogs: their habit of leeching off other blogs' material.

For example, you'll see something on Secret Forts -- say, the A-Z knit cardigan or the MFSC + J. Crew jacket or the Steven Alan short mac -- then the next day you'll invariably see it pop up on HYR.

This is bound to happen every now and then, but it's a bit troubling -- not to mention lazy and dishonest -- if it happens everyday, especially since HYR rarely if ever credits the site from which he found the material.

G, respect, dude. For real. I don't want a war either, I am, however, interested in the discussion. Sorry if I was too harsh. I will take a hug any day.

Problem is, from what I've been hearing, ACL, HYR and, to a lesser extent, JD are the new gq.com. These people have become the voice of style, they are taken seriously and they are also severely lacking in substance. I think that is unfortunate. Because, if this is the best we've got, it's not good enough.

They are just dudes, and I like that, but at times their voice is much bigger than that. I think that they think they are bigger than that. It comes across in the writing.

The blog world is great because of the freedom it allows, but some will always rise to the top and become the most prominent in their respective beats - and I think that right now, what we have in this venue is lacking.

It does take guts - but I'm just an anonymous poster. Why do I have to do something about it? If I hate the current state of pop music, does that mean I am responsible for making better pop music? Am I not entitled to voice an opinion unless I am prepared to make the change that I see needed? Anyway, this is not a self-promotional forum for me.

I just want to see things get better, that's all. Maybe someone will read this and think, "You know what, this guy Love is right. I'm going to start my own blog, and do it BETTER." Who's to say I'm not doing something about it just by posting here?

Why have we taken something as fun and whimsical as fashion (blogging) and turned it so serious, snobby, and scathing lately?

My recently launched fashiony blog aims to keep things light, bright, and brotherly.

Aren't most of us here to make friends - not enemies?

If so...I invite you my way...


Its much easier for people to criticize others than to create their own content. If more people took a chance and attempted to create their own, original content via a blog they would understand that its much productive to be positive.

I guess my point is this. There's a big difference between constructive criticism/debate (which I love) and hate. There's been a really destructive tone and recklessness with the comments I've been reading on some of my favorite blogs. And in some regards I think these blogs really are a microcosm of the general discourse of the world right now.

I have nothing but love for anyone and everyone that comes to this blog and I have nothing but love for the aforementioned blogs and bloggers. These individuals are putting in twenty hour days coming up with really incredible posts everyday for your viewing pleasure for the brilliant cost of... free.

I can really only speak on my behalf but I'm a professional filmmaker. I didn't go to fashion school. I'm not a journalist. I don't receive a dime in ad revenue from this blog. I am by no means the authority on anything. But I don't think anyone is really the authority on anything. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. And ultimately there are the ones you respect and the ones you don't. The choice is yours.

But this blog is pure. It's strictly what I love. And I hope you discover things that you love as well. I can't possibly expect you to love everything on here or any of the other blogs I'm down with. In fact that would be pretty boring. But bless us with the things you love. The shit you're really feeling... Not just hate... This is a positive community.

I'm a little disappointed that some commenters are missing the bigger picture. Michael at ACL writes mostly about great American made goods. So how about hating on large corporations that are outsourcing manufacturing and killing the American economy.

Ryan at H(Y)R highlights some of the best small labels and designers out there that don't get much love in the mainstream media. So how about hating on the large outlets that don't have the nerve to write an article on an up-and-coming brand.

If you're going to hate... Hate on something worthwhile... Something truly relevant and even then think about what you're saying. Otherwise just enjoy the style. It's fashion. It's fun.

"And I believe in freedom of speech but I also believe in thinking before commenting.
--Michael Williams

That line seems condescending as if he's saying his detractors haven't thought out what they've said because he perceives it as negative.

Jake I love your site I read it every day but you three guys need a thicker skin. There's always going to be a "love" on each board.

You guys may not have corporate sponsors behind your blogs but as all three grow so are the opportunities and other ways you'll benefit. So guys drop the babe in the woods routine. If the blogs really wanted to be "pure" as Williams says,then they should have been anonymous.


"Go to lunch"

I agree with Jake. This underlying current of nastiness in the commenting sections is becoming harder and harder to take on these style blogs. I first started noticing this straight venom on brooklyn vegan - and now its spreading. I just dont understand the point of taking time out of your day to make an anonymous comment and switch the entire vibe of a post from one where someone is simply generating content (whether it be for pure information or for entertainment using their personal taste) to a vibe of hating, spite and jealously. I don't get it.

Love - I like when you encourage debate and provoke back and forth but calling these guys out "because almost nothing of any substance ever published worth reading" is just absurd. These guys are taking time out their days to generate real content based on personal taste - not for money, just for the love of the game. Why call them dim, arrogant hacks? What does that accomplish? Clearly their opinions are making an impact based on the hits they get - their influence may be increasing and it seems you think that is a bad thing? And they don't deserve it. As Keyshawn would say...C'mmonn man. These guys know their stuff and it shows. I don't know them personally, but everytime I check in on ACL or JD I find something a little inspiring, a little entertaining, and a little distracting escape from my otherwise mundane job working for the man.

As far as TCs comment that these blogs would be purer if they were more anonymous - I find that hard to believe. I think knowing what these guys do for their day jobs lends credence to their opinions and postings. There are always going to be haters and differences of opinion as there should be - but the approach anonymous posters have been taking recently is sad and unsettling. Why can't people just sit back and enjoy the show?

I think that this whole thing is becoming rather circular and mixed up. The reason I commented here to begin with was the tone of JDs post. I mean, look at this:

"And you can say whatever you like without the almighty transgression happening face to face. No real repercussions. Hiding behind words is kind of well... young. I've seen a lot of inspiring people fending off the ridicule of jealousy lately."

Hiding behind words? Are you serious? What more powerful form of expression do we have? Even from a filmmaker I would expect more respect for words. Young? I don't even know what that means. I said what I think about "repercussions" - and I'll say again, why is it that every critic is jealous? Talk about young, this is a very small-minded and defensive position.

And by accusing your critics of jealousy, aren't you admitting that you are in some position of influence, and should you therefore not be subject to the very criticism that you seem to fear?

Keep it light? It's fashion, it's meant to be fun? I don't know, Jake. Your post about 9/11 and American style was so off-base it was vulgar, and anything but light. Same with the above Lee reference. Take your own advice, tone it down and have some fun.

I don't believe people should just sit back and enjoy the show. They should participate - yeah some of the comments that started this were totally crass and mindless - but I like to think that maybe my comments will raise the level. Maybe. I think before I comment, just like bloggers should think before they post.

From here on out I will sit back and enjoy they show. This insular bubble of positivity will go on beyond this post - I haven't taken the wind out of anyone's proverbial sails. I do enjoy the style.

Jake, I really appreciate your modest, articulate comment above, and the change in tone. It's a good look for you, keep it up.

even when haters get called out they say it was just constructive criticism. if you really want to be "constructive" maybe you should give suggestions rather than just saying you want it to be better or worth reading. like how?????

and as far as bloggers taking themselves too seriously, that will always be some people's response to actual articulation. remember, people were trying to sell that BS about obama being an "elitist" a few months ago?

jake, you've spelled it out pretty plainly: your blog is about things you rock or things you like. so, logic would tell us that the smaller minded among us will not understand that your blog is not about SELLING the product. you don't go around telling dudes that their shirt looks dumb and they should sport a chambray instead, right? but it takes a lot of people a really long time to finally understand that an opinion is not the same as a sales pitch.



Congratulations on your recent hater acquisition.

Warm regards,

It takes courage to accept criticism.

I like this blog very much. Jake post interesting comments about clothes and music. The same with Hyr who make consumers aware of small brands. Some people do not think these blogs are good or intellectual enough. What did you expect on a blog about fashion that it is supposed to be theoretical. Should Jake start analyzing clothes with the help of Roland Barthes or other French structuralists? For me that would be boring and if I want that I can read a book.

Jake I like your blog. Keep up the good work


If you do not like the blog you do not have to read it.


I actually feel your assessment is pretty good to hear. It is far more put together and thought out than a lot of the negative comments. At least for the most part.

I also feel that the content on h(y)r should be deeper and more interesting. Unfortunately you're wrong about the little amount of work it takes. For one person to produce 4-5 features, 3 focus articles and a few columns every month and blog 4-5 times a day is actually quite a bit of work believe it or not.

The other unfortunate part is that it spreads me thin and the articles aren't articulated that well, the photography is rushed, the edited process is non existent and the result is not up to your standards.

I'm not going to make more excuses but I will absolutely try to improve.

I do feel that what I offer is very focused and each brand, product or story is particularly good and worthy of note.

In that sense, Jake, Michael and I aren't GQ. But imagine if the 3 of us worked together all day long. Do you know how much better GQ would be? Just off our own personal style and tastes.

Yes, because of putting ourselves out there we are now being heard, being listened to and in some sense of the term, being followed.

This does both, put us in place for criticism, which I fully am open to, and I will take your points to heart. But it is now also putting us in positions for opportunities that may actually make an impact on the market.

I don't think people should sit back and enjoy the show, but that is what most people prefer to do and some people like to direct the show. And because the show wasn't something the 3 of us wanted to watch, we created another show.

I'm going to be honest. I feel h(y)r is pure, from the point that I love doing it. I love clothes, and the products I write about. I work hard at it because its fun. But also because I see potential to do things in a new way that will be more interesting, focused and have some depth. I am trying to turn this into my job because I love doing it. And if I have a chance to make a living doing what I love, then I am going to try. Anyways, this has been a more recent realization.

Your comments are mostly valid, I appreciate everyones support. I hope you will keep reading as things get better, even if I'm still talking about Redwings in a couple months.

Ryan W
(this comment wasn't very well thought out, sorry for the dim ramble)

I thank everyone for their comments and e-mails. I embrace constructive criticism with open arms and look forward to improving every aspect of my life personally and professionally everyday, as I hope you do as well. If I love you I love you...

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