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Jake, thanks for sharing. Just watched the video again. Loved it.

thanks again Jake for the time and hard work you Taylor and everyone put into it. I love this video :)

Thank you Jake for taking this time to fill us in. This video is a true work of Art. I have watched it over and over again, not only because I love Taylor's music so much, but because of the way this story is told. Everytime I watch it, I see new subtleties and layers to the film I hadn't noticed before. I do think this will stand the test of time and again THANK YOU so much for doing what you do best!

These tidbits are wonderful....and how cool about the James Dean poster, that it was already there on the wall! :D

The video is beautiful...I hope it comes to iTunes at some point so we fans can download it.

Wonderful wealth of information, Jake! Thank you! I love this video and I can't wait to see the "making of" video! :-)

Thank you for taking us on the inside of this iconic video. Always interesting to see/read all that goes into making a production of this nature.

The video was great!

I enjoyed the mood in the setting, colors, lighting and all. Inspiring stuff.


Jake, thanks for giving more details about the shoot. I've always been fascinated by the creative mind and why artists make the decisions they do when it comes to their work. And I'd be remiss if I didn't thank all the members of your team, as well, especially your DP. I'm really looking forward to the behind the scenes video.

Thanks, too, for stopping by the SOS the other night. We'd love to have you come back after the "making of" video is up. You know you're welcome any time!

Your commitment and dedication certainly shine through in this video with Taylor Hicks and "What's Right is Right"! The combination of lighting, expressions, backgrounds, etc. certainly add to the visual effects of the video, and the song's take on love! Thanks for sharing the inner workings and background of this video and for making Taylor's music video a definitely iconic one!

Always enjoy reading behind the scenes items-
helps explain the finished product and make it even more enjoyable-

Looking forward to MORE behind the scenes stuff--

Once again-thanks for this great product-

Do you mind if I place a link on my site on Multiply?

Jake....what a great job....I love the "mystery" of it all....and I do think this will be around for a long, long time. Excellent production. Thank you.

Thanks for all of the tech info, Jake. I'll look forward to the "Behind the Scenes". Did your parents play the "older" couple?

Thank you Jake for the background information. Love the video. Will cetainly be looking for more of your work with Taylor. You make a fabulous team!!

Thanks so much Jake. Looking forward to the behind the scenes video.

Jake, you are a real treat to get to know and have given so much to Taylor's music and to his fanbase. Thanks for the new blog and for the links to our blogs. We have enjoyed very much your input on these!


I love this video.

I have also been very impressed by the warm welcome you have given Taylor's fans.

Thank you for taking the time to share with us the thought process behind the video and I am also looking forward to the "behind the scenes" look.

I don't think I am alone in thinking that Jake Davis has acquired some lifelong fans in this process.

You are a good guy Jake, thank you.

Thank you for the insight Jake. It's a beautiful, timeless, classic video. Everything about it is perfect and we thank you for it and your time.

Taylor has found a rare gem. A guy whose sincerity and commitment to his craft shows in this short music tribute to "What's Right is Right" .
Taylor is a class act and he has found another in you. Thanks for giving us, the fans, such great feedback and putting up with our well-meant badgering.

Looking forward to the backstage video.

Fascinating! As usual, very interesting. Thank you for the background, I really enjoyed reading about it. I think the video is one of the best I've ever seen. The combination of your work and Taylor was truly, perfection.

"What's Right is Right" is a beautiful visual of Taylor's music and the enduring emotions of the song.

Thank you for sharing so much of this project with us. Taylor is truly fortunate to have worked with someone who cares about creating quality over quantity! You do his music proud!

I'm looking forward to the behind the scenes video...am keeping you in my google alerts and look forward to hearing more of Jake Davis!

Once again, thanks for sharing your planning, perceptions, and philosophy behind making the video What's Right Is Right and some inside info on working with Taylor and the others invoved in the project.

I enjoyed the tidbits as you revealed them frame by frame and continue to uncover additional new points to the video with subsequent views. You and your team did an excellent job and I have high expectations for the future efforts you and Taylor may undertake.

Thanks for the peak behind the curtain and will be happy for the behind the scenes video when you complete it.

I'm also adding you to my google alerts setup!

Thank you
for taking the time
to fill in the blanks
The video is
a stunning work of Art!

I savored the photography
insights you shared.

Thank you so much
it was a great education!

I will use some of it
for future Photos I take.

please come back
to the SoS
an share your
visions anytime!

The video is wonderful. Something you can watch many times and still not see everything. I hope you and Taylor can work together again.

You created an artistic feel and scene for Mr. Hicks; his fans appreciate that effort.

I appreciate you keeping in touch, on a human level, with us, as this endeavor progressed.


I love the video and really appreciate you giving us the little teasers along the way and now helping us understand how you put it all together. Timeless is the word that came to my mind when I saw the video. I loved the classic styles. Very well done!

Jake, thank you. Your commitment to your craft is evident in the final product: a beautiful, enduring video. I've only watched it four times. I'd like to step back and return to it in a while, to see what else it will deliver for me. (BTW, I loved the old microphone: the little details tell much).

You and Taylor approach your art in the same manner, and that's a blessing for those of us who receive it. Thank you again.

Jake, Congratulations to you on your beautiful video. I've watched it over and over, and each time I notice something else.

I noticed right away how mysterious it is; and I note how you said you wanted some "mystery" since Taylor is so famous.

Thank you for working with Taylor on this. I look forward to you working with Taylor again in the future.

Debbie (Debbie in Florida)

Thanks so much Jake, The Video captured Taylors Spirit tyty so much for that Great Job

Thanks Jake

* chuckles with a big grin* Betcha had NO idea what you were in for, did you Jake? We SP - we're pretty loyal to those who treat Taylor well, and those who are treated the same. Good for you, to have discovered that quality in us and yourself, also.
I've already told you what a great job I think you did. I did catch the Dean poster (I love Dean), but thought you brought it in, to enhance the set. How cool to learn it was already there!
Anyway, sugar, you now realise what type of people we all are, and here's hoping for new, exciting endevours in the future. Thanks so much for bringing us on this journey with you, every step of the way. We couldn't be more honoured.

Jake, Thanks for sharing your insight into the creation of this video. Seems like you and Taylor were a good match, hopefully you and him will team together again. Good luck in all you do, you are a very talented man and I wish you well.


It’s been a real pleasure to watch this video come about, Jake.
I wondered if the video would, or even could, be as good as your posted frames promised, but I worried needlessly - the video is sublime.
Thank you for giving it your all, and telling us about the process.
I’ve been hooked on your blog since you posted the ‘Inspiration’ montage and look forward to reading more.
Thanks, Jake!

The backwards exit from the bar at the end of the video..................... I read your explanation about being "struck" and Taylor entering a possible change in his love life. I interpreted it to be Taylor's reverence for the stage and the music a bow if you will. That is me thinking as a fan,,,,,,your reasoning was in keeping with the meaning of the song and video. But, I thought you might get a kick out of a non-creative fan's interpretation of the scene.

Thank you so much for linking our blog! It was truly our pleasure getting to know more about you and your talent. Your vision shows throughout that whole video. An amazing product of who you are!

Taylor's Angels

Jake, you are a genius. Brilliant work that cascaded thru the feelings and passion that I truly believe Taylor exhibits in his music. You captured him. I am so glad that the two of you got together. Like magic. Provocative and sultry, classy and sentimental. Thanks Jake!

People are loving this vid so much. Congrats Jake - I heard your DP read this post, and was like - um yeah, thats why he is the director - I don't even know what most of those words mean"

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