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Wings+Horns actually make a really nice one. Good collars, nice body, a little bit heavier cottons usually. I think they are around $45 Canadian and come in beautiful 2 packs in these black boxes...

45rpm when they release them. They just released some this week at the Soho store. The fit is perfect and the cotton, well you know the story. The price is hefty at $85 a tee.

Although I have a ton of different t-shirts, I always kind of end up wearing hanes v-necks.Good for the smokey bar, some bike riding, or even a date. I guess it's because they're kind of disposable. That's not very responsible though, is it?

I forgot to mention. Muji also offers a good white t-shirt as well.

I hit up the local Ross and get a pack of white Ralph Lauren tee's. 3/$14.99... but after a couple of wears they are no good.

45rpm gauze cotton tees are next level but a hard purchase to make.

I'm with greenjeans. I'm a Hanes man & I'm 5'9" but wear the boys large Premium crew. The Premium are just a bit longer than the regular = less revealing of the midriff above the jeans and the fit is great. Sometimes the classics really do work best.

I wear Hanes underneath my shirts.

I like 2xist white t's - 3 pack.

Hanes premium V necks from target. 3 for 9 bucks. never shrink...

Hanes Beefy T-shirts all the way. Great fabric and fit and never shrink.

I really like the Stafford Premium T-shirt from J.C. Penny. I think they are about $25 for a 3 pack. They really hold up well after repeated washing.

Sunspel no competition !

Although Albam's egyption cotton t's come pretty close.

It seems like everyday I walk outside a new American Apparel store has opened. Another popular place I've never bought myself anything at. I'm curious... Anybody try their basic tees? Not the "douchebag neck" of course...

I second the RL ones, they are cheap and fit good. The fabric and neckline is good too.

For people that have access to them, I also like uniqlo tshirts, the ones that are $4 and come in that little bag. Fit is really good and they barely shrink.

American Apparel are the best, IMO. They are cheap and are a great fit (not to mention come in tons of colors). I'm actually surprised no-one has mentioned them. Stick with the crew necks though. If you look around on line you can find them for roughly $5 each.

American Apparel is not recommended in my book. I've worn their white tees for several years now and I can't wait to find a replacement which won't be much longer thanks to this post. The cotton is so low grade all my shirts I wear over them stick to them and get all bunchy because of the short prickly cotton strands. The shorter the strand the cheaper the cotton.

It's sad that this American company is more about image and disposable clothing than it is about quality. I guess if it was about quality they wouldn't have as many stores as they do.

For everyday use I like the Polo RL V neck, good price and decent fit, wish the v was a little lower but maybe ill try some of the other suggestions.

Anyone try Jockey?

I kinda like the american apparel v neck tees as well ( not the crazy low ones the regular ones) I like the fit, there a little long in the body, but sleeve wise and shoulder wise i love em. I havent expierenced anything like wayne said but ususaly when i wear em i am just rockin the tee

American Apparel only. I love the fit and I love the soft cotton. And they're dirt cheap and made in the USA.

sifr makes excellent basics, a friend sent me one a few weeks back, probably the softest thing ive worn. had to ask him for the price as i was struggling to find them online, they go for just under 30usd he said. not sure what cotton is used but judging from the feel and how they hold up after wash it's pretty high grade

Levi's of course, white, basic, great fit.

the best white tee's I have had have been from garbstore, continental ( the organic cotton, classic tee 210g`s ) - also for the cheap shot there is the basic gap's white athletic tee.

I like Calvin Klein's v-neck. Was a fan of Jockey but for some reason the fit was different and they're too big on me. Also, Uniqlo ones are pretty good but wish the V was slightly bigger.


My journey of the perfect white v-neck t-shirt has been a long and arduous one... Fruit of the Loom, Hanes, The Gap, Jockey, back to The Gap, Calvin Klein, back to the Gap again, Banana Republic for a few solid years until they changed the fit, neck and manufacturer, J.Crew as of two years ago and then they changed the fit and fabric on me. Maybe this season they're back to the cut I love...

All your opinions have greatly helped me and hopefully you in your choice. So thanks everyone!!! And keep 'em coming. Especially if there's a brand we may have overlooked.

i have an old navy white t that has been with me for over 6 years... it's flawless. but i think they switched the fabric... i may try again though.

Hanes V-Necks are the Best! 2 for $9.99 @ Target. For CrewNecks Polo Ralph Laurens for me. AA are nice and very comfortable. I just dont like spending the $16.00 on one. Their Asphlat Grey in a Crew, V-Neck or L/S. Is the truth & Can be worn anytime! & Pro Clubs for when i want to get my Bounce ON!

Am happy about this blog. I have been obsessive about my white t shirts for years. Really liking the gap ones for years. Then the collar got really wide. And never sits right.
Of the others that people blogged about I would like to hear more about how the crew collars sit.

Like a lot of the people above said, Hanes Premium V-neck (tagless), fitted is perfect. I have about 15 of them... and usually wear one everyday by itself or under something. I just wish they would come in grey/navy/black too. Or maybe they do and they just aren't at my Target.... Anyways, I've searched everywhere and every company practically and for price/fit/quality, it's the perfect tee.

Ralph Lauren ones for sure. Classic white-tee with the horse at the bottom of the shirt. You can cop them at Filenes Basement for a pack of 3 for rougly $15.99

James Perse and Shipley and Halmos

Ralph Lauren, Original Fake, and Uniqlo for me...

I got a job lot of gildan cotton ultra heavy white tees a couple of years back and i still consistantly wear them. they are nice and long in the body (even on a small) which ive found is a quaility lacking in Uniqlo, AAA and AA. They keep their shape too.

There are probably miles better tees out there but these were like £3 each and i dont know any better.

bought 2, i've had them for ever. super thin, perfect fit.

For all you skinny dudes, check out H&M divided tees. I'm 6'4" about 170 and they are the only tees I'll wear. The cloth they use moves well and wears in great and as they wear they get thin not pilled.

2xist white v-neck tees - 3 pack. I've been wearing them for some time now and they hold up quite well. Not to mention they are by far some of the softest I've owned.

Wings+Horns actually make a really nice one. Good collars, nice body, a little bit heavier cottons usually. I think they are around $45 Canadian and come in beautiful 2 packs in these black boxes...

Posted by: Ryan | Thursday, March 12, 2009 at 02:16

Where can i get it do they take phone orders more info plz

^ Roden Gray just got some in in white, grey and black I think. They will help you over the phone or email.
Turns out they are 58 Canadian, but really nice.




**J.Crew v-neck t-shirt update**
Slim (tight) and long

I'm a big fan of American Apparel

RRL are $60 each and are perfect. Length, material, construction. No side seams. Soft and great drape.

I was waiting for someone to shout out RRL so I didn't have to. They have amazing t-shirts.

uniqlo....if you like your white shirts a little on the thin side...but the fit is brilliant!

I love Jockey classic circa 1960 to 1970.
I bought a few at Ebay and yes they are very expensive. Nice tapered fit and the famous tag made of silk (not itchy at all).
I love wearing this on hot Summer days to work and school. They are a bit thin made so my nipples are kind of visible.Who cares if you have nice pectoral muscle.

great topic, looking for basics lately. been digging a barneys coop w/ a slightly lower v (not deep). not bad at $35, super soft, narrow and a bit longer, which is nice.

It would be nice if Jake Davis were to wear
plain white tshirt here.Change your pics dude to wearing one.

I second the stafford white t-shirt. I think they are currently selling them as performance nice and thick.

If I like Banana Republic white v-necks can anyone suggest some that would fit be like those? Would they be as heavy and I could wear them as regular shirts w/o anything outside of them? Thanks! Thad (thadjw@hotmail.com)

Are we going back to the ero that plain shirts were the fad of the day? If that's the case, there's no need to spend at least 40 bucks for every new shirt, jeans or underwear out there.

Hanes all the way!

That shirt looks soft and comfortable to wear.


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no kiding i have worn plain white t shirts my whole life.i like a t shirt to fit snug.long enough to tuck in.a wide crew crew neck.i use to buy boys friut of the loom golden blend.must not make them any more.i wear my t shirts by themselfs with dark blue jeans and black shoes and belt.i always role my sleeves up 2 to 3 times for the extra sexy look.when i am out the gals and guys are coping the look .now the baggy look is horrible looks like one is wearing a bed sheet.mens small in most brands are still to big.usauly boys large works for me hanes for now.id love to get on a design teem.for that perfect fit and the emige a class when you go in public in a plain white-t always turns heads.most guys are shy to wear them for outer wear.

Tremendously educational many thanks, I reckon your trusty readers would definitely want even more writing like this carry on the excellent hard work.

Yeah dude, do they ever notice when I wear a plain white tee shirt. Not sure if its really ok to wear underwear white tee shirt as outerwear but who cares. So long the shirt is clean and sexy. Only thing I notice is nipples are very visible on those shirts. Love them anyway

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Thanks Tom and John for being ambassadors in wearing plain white tee shirt. I too wear alot of plain w-tshirt.I do notice people look at you twice. I do believe they look at how confident I am by not buying brand names t shirts. Also, i work out a lot and my pecs and biceps are well defined.
I ask a few friends and they say I look really good on it. Take if from me guys, wearing plain white tshirt(right size not baggy) does really look good.
I like jockey classic and hanes. They are a bit thin but they make your the contour of your body shows. One draw back, nipples are visible and protruding sometimes.

It's great to hear from you and see what you've been up to. In your blog I feel your enthusiasm for life. thank you.

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