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Barrington is a monster on stage. I've seen him in Barbados, central park and prospect park. The guy has to be around 40, and he is full energy non-stop for over 2 hours taking the S off of superman's chest!

make that closer to 50

Co-sign. 60-70's Rudeboys have some of the best style.

gonna get it

best line of the day: steez has more to do with creativity than money.

not that it's necessarily dancehall, but has anyone seen the film 'Rockers'? This post made me think of it...

Rockers is one of my favorite films of all time steez wise. I reference it a lot and was going to make a blog entry about it. LOVE IT! I've been inspired by the culture in a couple of music video treatments I've written this week. And as the weather gets warmer the style and music feels right.

Jake, is your background Jamaican by any chance or do you just like the culture?

another brilliant post. jamaica's cultural impact throughout the world is fascinating!

i spent part of my childhood at my mother's family's home in mandeville, jamaica. easily one of the beautiful places in the world.

Oh my gosh dude I'm linking you solely on the shot of the gentleman in the red sweater leaning against the Volvo. Brilliant.

Things are fairly simple when you think about it: when your goal is excellent (and fast!) customer service, you focus on getting enough knowledgable staff to handle your busiest times and to keep the customers from having to wait. I

He's little dull looking, like you could get more human interaction out of wood slab or a cold stone; Both of which, by the way, have more acting talent and model potential than Mr.


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