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Eau Diptyque by Diptyque
Royal Water by Creed
Kyoto by Comme des Garcons
Kiehl's Musk

killers all

Great! These are the kind of recommendations I'm looking for.

I usually choose my fragrance depending on the season. For the last two winters I've been wearing Gaultier2

i wear CDG2Man every single day - my girl loves it and i'm definitely going to pick up another bottle when this one runs out (which should be any day now).

Hinoki by Monocle x cdg

what's wrong with smelling natural? I don't know any women that prefer artificial cologne over natural body fragrance... I mean, i've knocked a lot of boots in my time and my partners are constantly smelling my shirts for my natural odor afterward... sorry,it seems so high school and GAY (not that there's anything wrong being GAY) to wear cologne over your natural body odor -

I respect the natural "musk" of man. But sometimes it's cool to step your game up. Although there's nothing worse than being stuck in an elevator with someone doused in cheap cologne.

Vetiver by Guerlain for me~ fresh and simple.

Everyday: Millesime Imperial, Creed
Switch-it-up: Wall Street, Bond No. 9
On occasion: Gris Clair, Serge Lutens

Oh - you reminded of a cologne-based blog post I've been meaning to get to. I went through a similar scent search this fall:



My favorite fragrance house.

1903 by J. Peterman as an everyday
Hypnose if I feel like teasing the wife as I leave for work

Tuscany Forte for sealing the deal with the wife

Alex, my mother has been wearing Creed perfume all my life. Thanks for the tip. I will definitely check out their scents for men. Thanks so much!

I have used the Gucci fragrances for the past 4 season I think they smell great and are always appropriate for that seaason.

I've always worn 4711, it's an old brand, but I really do like the scent.

A-Men by Thierry Mugler is awesome. I have been wearing for about 5 years and get compliments all the time. They released a coffee infused version of it last spring. It is a great twist on the original scent. Love the blog. Keep up the great work.

Top 3 everyday Scents:
CdG Kyoto
CdG 53
Ginestet Sauvignonne

i like the cdg2man for more formal ocassions

and I'm definitely looking to pick a up a bottle of Hinoki next time I'm in LA

"the Egyptian Musk used to help me pull mad sluts"- Redman

"i got the Johnson's baby powder and Cool Water cologne"- Snoop Doggy Dogg

i'm still a fan of mixing oils. i think they give off a warmer, more natural, less pungent scent than most high end men's fragrances...plus they're easy on the pockets. Ali's 100% Oils in Newark, NJ is the spot i frequent for the widest assortment of oils, and they're never watered down like so many street vendor varieties. Egyptian Musk, Egyptian Vanilla, and Coco Mango are sure shots with the ladies...got my neck nibbled on more than a few occasions thanks to those.

Terra D'Hermes all day.

Serge Lutens "Ambre Sultan" is nice.

http://theperfumedcourt.com/ - These guys carry decanters of some hard to find scents not available in the US.

Terre d'Hermes gets my vote. No musk, so a pretty airy scent that's not overly aggressive. Love it.

Great post, depends on the occassion for me......

for business/executvie style meetings where you want a sense of power I would go with something more bold and spicey. I would try Varvatos vintage, Dsquared He WOOD, Dolce THE ONE, and of course the classic TOM FORD. If its for a night out on the town, or a spring day brunching, I would go a little more on the citrus or clean side, YSL Homme is amazing, as well as the classic Channel ALLURE sport, Polo Black is nice too, and if your looking to spend a bit more money try Costume National or Comme Des Garson MAN. Its all about the reaction to the skin, so its best to try these on before purchasing.......

emporio armani HE "black cilinder" bottle

not too heavy, not too strong

Just perfect. ladies love it. been wearing it over 5 yrs now.
pretty conservative though, but a parfum just have to fits you.

if you're looking to try before you buy, i'd reccommend LuckyScent. they offer samples

if not rocking the natural pheremones then...

Chanel Pour Homme Eau de Toilette

I'm partial to Old Spice and Vera Wang.

Comme Des Garcon x Monocle - Hinoki. Wonderful fragrance and the candle is soon to be released.

Comme Des Garcons - Cologne Anbar. For those summer days and nights.

I use to rock Helmut Lang & the wonderful Helmut Lang Curion until then were discontinued.



for summer, it's better to go with a very fresh cologne.
I highly recommend the Astier de Villatte : eau de cologne and eau chic.
They were both created by Francoise Caron, the nose behind Eau d'orange verte by Hermes (another favourite for summer)
A bit diffficult to find but true classics

CdG Avignon is great - smells like an old French church
And Gucci Rush for Men (if you can still find it) is fantastic too

Even have good things to say about Black XS by Paco Rabanne


I ran across these awesome cologne smelling candles called the Orginal Mandle
I bought a bunch for gifts, my BF, and of course myself :)



All day, ever day

Hugo Cologne definitely melts my heart. that's probably why you got it from the ladies.

Hugo Cologne is definitely one of the must have's for men! the smell is so classic

Well,for me Ralph Lauren Safari Cologne has a very attractive scent I love it.


Cologne is aimed at getting men to not only be attracted to a woman, but in a sense, to be more receptive, submissive and attentive. I am looking forward to your next post!


It was long ago since I visit your blog and its mhe again, visiting and reading along..


Oooh such awesome goodies!! This seems like a great deal.

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