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I want so much 45rpm so badly, and I know the cost would probably justify how often I'd wear each piece and their respective lifetimes -- but as an unemployed student ....

;_; all I can do is scour ebay and hope.

I feel for you... Sometimes we have to be creative to get the things we want.

A culture lost is a point well made. It's interesting to see what actually become American cultural exports. I hope if anything this leads to a resurgence of small, quality manufacturers, doing one or two things and doing them well.

I agree, but a certain hundred and fifty year old apparel company famous for denim might disagree with you on your biz model...although they started out that way...

I think Levi Strauss & Co. is still around, relevant, and successful because of their attention to quality. Levi Strauss was a German-Jewish immigrant, which will start really playing with your head if you think about what it even means to be American.

Sidebar... I share the same name as his original partner...

yeh well all you yanks are euro's really

We're not all Euros.

Then you should be rockin' Ben's on the regs...

HUD is one of the best movies Newman made.

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