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Les DeMerle !!!

That's right, AZ... Here's a link to the classic sample for the heads out there... A cover of the Beatles record...

Les DeMerle "A Day in the Life"


Man, hip-hop was so dope before the lawyers got involved.

Yeah nice one - out of the thousands of beatles covers heres two of my favourites..

Keeping with the hip-hop theme im catchin wreck over this !

best Beatles cover

Talibs also a fan shame Mcartney didn't aproove http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lX5qCQBZjcs p.s keep your internet conection locked for new Reflection Eternal.

"their time's limited, hard rocks too..."- Slick Rick

I once recited the lyric's to OC's "Time's Up" to my friends in middle school. They asked if I had written that...I couldn't lie. I put them on to OC and the rest of the DITC crew...I should've lied and said I wrote it

My good friend Roc Raida did the cuts on "Time's Up." He introduced me to Lord Finesse, who showed me how to make beats when I was a youth. Raida was a big influence on me during my formative years. We mad a ton of DJ videos together back in the day... Classic D.I.T.C.

I forgot to mention another variable is when to wear them... Clearly this look feels better on the weekend near the water.

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