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it's all the same shit, whether it be everyone's "vintage rock clothing" fascination in the early 00's, grunge style from the early 90's, metro futuristic db'ing in the late 90's, or the hypebeasty/bape rainbow vomit trend of the mid 00's, all this ish gon pass. no one will be up on quoddy or EG or chambray or red wings in 2 years time and will have all moved on the the next crap.

I think that's kind of the point of the post-be yourself and stay steezy.

Stay steezy... I like that.

That was me... As much as i hate to admit it. Now i stare at a closet full of barely worn $300.00 hooodys that i wont even wear to the gym and want to cry!

I was unfamiliar with Phil Stern, thanks for sharing.

rich: next time around you'll be stuck with $350 penny loafers and $400 filson coats that will all be too "grandpa looking" and will sit in your closet too collecting dust. circle of life my du

As goes the old adage, you can't buy style. You either have it or you don't. It can be cultivated, but not by following trends.

song is dope.. huge Hov Fan!
trends can end or start.. LOL (some are obviously bad)
that's it, most things change.

- has anyone thought!?
in the future.. lets say 20-25 years from now.
when some designer looks back into past fashion,
and is inspired by the whole bape, bright colors, and all prints
then re-creates it !?
it would be new to a whole generation of people (our children)
then we gonna tell 'em, how weak this is.. and show them a better choice of less trendy clothing, how they gonna re-act?
you think they gonna listen??
same way when my mother tried to have me wearing Gap khaki's and knitted swears, when i wanted was some Hilfiger, or Polo..
look at wear fashion is right now!? isn't this ironic
Different toilet, Same shit
- Jay-z

I can't identify who that is wearing those snuggy nut short shorts.

That's the other Wayne... John.

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