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As an aspiring music producer/composer, I truly respect the art of sampling. I myself, do not sample, though I've tried, and find it too difficult, and not for me. I love Premo's productions and his signature scratches during the chorus/hook. super dope..

brilliant idea. i have always wanted to make or see a "coffeetable" book of studios in all genres, budget ranges, locations. the new york ones are most especially interesting!

YO JAKE DAVIS ( i know u aint forgot me)

i love your blog!

yo please read this article about me so see what i been up too


to btw all my fashion clothing heads here love your blog they told me about it and im like i know that fool ! lol


almost forgot

when you going to do a piece on BORIS BECKER

he was my fav

Excellent book. Really helped me get a feel for certain producers and how their sounds are influenced by their workspaces. Dillas work space was so sparse, but showed what talent can do when you maximize your resources.

Yeah, this book is awesome and the pictures are a huge inspiration! Seeing the MPC-60 and all the S-950s in the studios just make me want to grab some records and get busy...

And it really helps to listen to your music on differnt systems in different environments because not everybody has a pair of UREI-813C speakers like Premo. So you can get a rough idea of how it might probably sound at other people´s systems...

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