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great images and quote

Great work man. I promise to get that interview up soon. China is making it hard....

Hell of a job Jake. I believe great directors really enhance an artist and can actually help them get there message across better than the original work sometimes. I think you definitely achieved that with this video.

Great job Jake! I hope you'll be seeing more work as a result of this. From a aspriring music producer's standpoint, it must feel like having a single out.

total compliment to the record.
i'm digging it.

Thanks for all the love. This might be off topic but I've been getting a lot of inquiries about the beautiful quilted jacket Drake is wearing. It's Junya Watanabe COMME des GARCONS styled by my man Oliver.

It's part of the Fall '09 collection...


I've been sweating it since the fitting.

Wow. Successful is simply amazing! Another new song from drake and trey song, I hope it's a massive hit!

This shot RED?

We shot two units on the RED ONE with anamorphic lenses.

getting it in Jake.

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What is the designer for the shirt Trey is wearing?

Love it those were the days when britain ruled the waves :) good share ddds

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