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Kinda craze seeing this post... As I live on Greene and Grand and Lucky is my local dive... Must have literally just missed this going up... However on Sunday when I saw the Supreme mural I immediatly took photos which are now saved to the phone as the home screen... Good shit my man! Holler at the kid next time you're around the lower...

nice. i had this conufsed with the old one when i saw it posted around. nice!

Supremes Fall collection is really on point. Jackets are great and not too flashy. But they provided enough colorful accessories to help keep from being boring.

Strongest collection I've seen in a long time. You can really get the vibe from the lookbook...


Props to everyone.

a solid season as always but just a step or two behind f/w 08 which was ridiculously on point throughout and bit more direction-oriented than this one.

timberline jacket, adirondack sweater, sagamore beanie, striped work shirt, camo field shirt - all must haves.

hi def.....nice.

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