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great post, great song. fits today's mood perfectly...

what song is this?

Cat Power covering Frank Sinatra's "New York" off her album Jukebox. Just as good live...


Jake, couldn't have said it better myself, thanks for the post.

you are the bomb

I couldn't agree with you more Jake.

New York is lovely place to visit. There are many things, place to see expect of those. However it is nice way to emphasize the different aspect of New York

that seven questions are so important and nice to get ourselves known in order to know what is the happiness to ourselves.

Nice collection of scenes of the city, I appreciate so much your sense of urban art and it's consequences in our culture.

Those are just a females creepyest dream, i’ve been dealing with stretch marks for as long as i can remember, happy to come to the knowledge there is some hope … what took you so long !

Nice pictures I like them, this kind of photography shows the real view of every place or person, you should watch the movie "i love new york" it's pretty good, thanks, good luck

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