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1. Rod Laver Vintage
2. Common Projects Achilles
2. Chuck Taylor All Star

Jack Purcell
Striper CVO
Rod Laver Vintage

Vans Era (go laceless)
Chuck T
Common Project Achilles (in wish list)

I keep it cheap and canvas...

1. Vans Era
2. Chuck Taylor
3. Jack Purcell

Chucks all day.

I'd go with the same as you Jake I would just switch the Rod Laver for a Tennis Classic by Nike.

nike tennis classic
jack purcell (black and white only)
john varvatos x converse lows.

I still love Tretorns.

I just found some all white Vans Eras that were made in the USA and they have been my choice sneaker this fall. With Sperry I definitely go with their Japan models.

I own about 5 pairs of Chuck Taylors--navy, black, charcoal and brown!

Mesh Rod Laver Vintage are my number ones.

Don't forget Superga! I love mine. Otherwise I would prefer the Authentics.

Tretorn T56's

also on the list spring court

1. Vans Authentic
2. Jack Purcell
3. Pro-Keds

Vans ERA (gotta be made in USA)
Converse Unbleached White (gotta be made in USA)
Superga 2750

im chuck taylor all day long & tretorn defo gets a look in. common projects...$$$$

they have to suit the outfit and some 'athletic' shoes don't fit well with tapered denim's and chino's

gotta be the chucks. lace-less in the studio, regular on the street.

Vans x Marc Jacobs from a few years back http://twitpic.com/403rh

for me the list starts and ends with Jack Purcell.

CP Achilles
Chuck's off white
Even though i don't rock them anymore, classic white on white uptowns

White Common Projects Achilles for me - too perfect. If you look hard, you can catch them for a little over $200 online.

Chuck's and Vans Authentics are also solid choices.

The Puma x MTV Dre Clydes from a couple years back are a different, yet solid option too if you stick white laces in them. The included coloured laces make them a bit gawdy.

Jack Purcells for sure. I own 6 pairs.

1. Vans Authentics/ Vans Supercorsa
2. Sperry Stripers (laceless version)
3. Rod Lavers

I wish they would continue making these regularly. The leather is super soft.


I love tretorns to switch it up... found a bunch of them marked down to 10 bucks a pair when a shoe pavillion went out of business

Jack Purcells are as classic as it gets.

I love this post. My girlfriend hates all my white tennis shoes for some reason. I wish she'd come around. My top 3:

1. Rod Laver's
2. Van's Era
3. Converse Low Tops

I need to invest in a pair of Purcells. I also like the old white keds the Ramones kicked around but I could never pull those off.

Dope post again Jake. Nothing beats a simple and clean Chuck.

I think these are my favorite of all time. But maybe because I can't have them. The Adidas Robert Haillet...


Those Robert Haillets are so dope. Sick pick Jake.

I've been wearing a pair of white Visvim kiefers which are basically a CT shape, but feature full leather upper and pony hair Nez Perce triangles along the silhouette. Definately stands out in a subtle way if you know what I mean.

1. Robert Haillet
2. Rod Laver Vintage
3. Common Projects Court

Don't forget about Dunlop Volleys...aka Australia's Chuck Taylor.

Vintage Nike Wimbledons are so dope...


If we're talking Visvim, its hard to beat the Foley Folk. However, I prefer to wear canvas sneakers: Vans Authentics and Jack Purcells are high on my list.

chuck taylor all star

1. Common Projects
2. APC tennis shoes
3. Addidas

Common Projects Achilles are cool. I also like Spring Courts and Pro-Keds.

Erik Schedin designed a dope white tennis shoe.


Those remind me of the Adidas Rod Laver clean pack. So cool.


No love for the Seavees Pantone in white?


Its chuck taylors

Some say they're ugly but not in Firenze they're not: Superga.

Jack Purcells in white leather.

Seavees Pantone in white are very cool.

ditto on the Seavees...I've got stan smiths, purcells and authentics...

Vans seem to be having a moment, whereas the purcells seemed like the go to this time last year...in an effort to stand out I'd go with the stan smiths, even if my gf calls them "grandpa shoes"...whatever that means

Why has no one mentioned the French bad boy of the courts Spring Court? Older than your Nan and rocked by Lennon on the cover of Abbey Road making it double mega. An all time great shoe from France, super comfy, casual as you like. Followed closely by Superga then continuing my European bias Stan Smith. Ice white.

by the way, loving the blog, never commented 'til now but feeling the love...

Thanks for the round up Jake. Love your blog, videos and cool style. Classic Jack Purcells are my favorite.

Superga all day.

What about K Swiss? The original classic is always a good look, if you can find it!

K-swiss - I still miss the US and Czech made versions of the 80s.
Tretorns - always hard to find for men on the West Coast
Converse All Stars - my current choice.
Stan Smiths - I always wore K-swiss, but thought the Stan Smiths were cool too.

I wear white tennies almost everyday so I would say

1. Common Projects Bbal low (can't argue with handmade italian)
2. Superga cotu classics (better silhouette than Vans)
3. Vans Authentics
4. Spring Court mid

next on my list rod laver vintage...

1. Rod Lavers
2. Forrest Hills
3. Stan Smiths
4. Nastases

Superga Torino
Spring Court G1

PF Flyers being left out of this list is borderline criminal. They're like these shoes, only comfortable to wear for more than an hour.

Jack Purcells just like Dean.

Common Project Achilles for the New Generation but the best ones I've ever owned were these old school white puma torino's. I mean these things fit like gloves and looked good with everything I wore. They were like magic.

I love Common Projects.

Lavers everyday. Come on now.

White SNEAKERS are so boorish. If you take the time to look; every white American from 20 to 75 wears them, especially on vacation. In Europe, if you see white sneakers/socks, they are under an American, it's hilarious. If you are, it's sad.

Common Projects or Vans

Love Common Projects.

Stan Smiths all the way, although those special edition Lavers you've got there look pretty sweet, and I have a pair of white Adidas Viña del Mars that I wish I could find more of.

You can't go wrong with any of these but if I had to choose just one I'd go with Chucks.

Chuck, Chuck, Stan - esp if you can find the white and fairway green perforated pair... But I was born and raised Chucks, 26 years worth of photos in dirty whites, blacks so destroyed they look gray, and the occasional navy or maroon when Mom got a wild hair.

Jack Purcells or Chucks.

chucks, rod's, vans authentics or sk8 highs...all clean and go with pretty much everything

Spring Court

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