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Love this bad. So fucking good.

So fucking good. Great find Jake.

Dope band. Fascinating story.

Yeah this stuff is unreal. So incredibly ahead of their time. Their R&B background gave them an edge in musicianship as well.

Amazing!!!! Great find!!!!

WTF?!? These dudes are the shit. Sick find Jake.



finally, something again to get excited about!
thank you!!!

These guys are dope. Great post Jake.

I gotta admit, It's really too bad they never got the chance to develop the sound. They could have been legends.. I think people are upping this mostly for it's "underground" hype... Don't get me wrong tho there are a few worthwhile tracks but I think the band is being over romanticized because of the whole missed potential thing.

These dudes come hard with it.

Coming from Detroit at a time when the city had become Murder City, a bastardization of Motor City & calling yourself "Death", not to mention the political messages in the 2 tracks sampled, really rates as a part of the original punk rock movement. It's fairly raw for Columbia @ the time, & certainly has the energy we came to expect from punk. ...yeah, upping it for its underground hype, for sure, but it's @ least as poignant as any of its contemporaries & a lot more listenable to these ears.

perfect timing considering Mos Def is starring in (already made?) a film about them.

Still, always great to understand where such influential bands got their inspiration from.

The truth.

The story is amazing and if you go deeper, it only gets better. The next generation of Hackneys started a group in honor or Dennis (one of the brothers and original member of Death) named Rough Francis. Give them a listen, I promise you wont be disappointed. They will performing in NYC @ The Irving Plaza on October 21st... http://vimeo.com/5546922

This is so incredible. Thanks Jake.

If only I had heard of these guys a few weeks ago, I could have seen them play in Chicago at the end of September.

I'm feelin these dudes. Thanks Jake.

Sick find Jake.

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