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I've been scoping Gap's site waiting for them to release a plain shawl neck cardigan. I'm not digging the buffalo check for some reason (although you wear it well, sir). I just saw that beige one the other day, but it's not quite doing it for me either. I wonder if they'll release a dark navy color, similar to J Crew's...

Love that buffalo plaid cardigan on you Jake. Definitely going to pick it up. Thanks for the tip.

I love this Alpaca shawl-collar cardigan from J.Crew...


Cool cardigan.

i wore my PRL buffalo plaid shawl cardigan this morning..I love it!!..its soo warm

their wool CPO shirt jacket is a great "look for less" piece - really solid.

I was on the L train quite a bit this weekend and yes, the buffalo plaid was pretty thick. Like the look of the sweater though.

Dope sweater. I need to get one.

I scored those jeans in the RAW version, in store. Def a little nicer than the rinsed version on line. I loves em.

I'm definitely getting both. Thanks Jake.

Did you guys find the Gap selvedge denim to be a little thin? I saw them in store and they felt a little flimsy.

Red & black cardigan will suit me I guess as I'm six pack ;). Thanks for (sharing)posting such designs here.

Nice cardigan, I remember my grandpa with that cardigan he has a cardigan exactly like that.


Hey Jake,

Would you mind posting a picture of the cardigan that you liked from the Gap. I clicked your link but as you said it's sold out and they don't have a picture up anymore. I'm curious if you have it. Thanks.

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I love that red and black cardigan! is beautiful! I would like to buy one! where I can get?

Read it, understood it, agreed with it, and loved it. Keep up the good work.

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