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Jake Davis= awesome.
Ryan Plett= also awesome

Jake you're so cool.

Hickoree's stocks some heaters for sure. And Pletty kills it. Nice dude to boot.

Lumberjack and denim shirts.. not cool anymore i think..

Thanks for the mention Jake, glad you check it out! Hickorees will only continue to get better with time...

Ryan. Monday Muses. gets me thru the whole week.

Love both sites. Thanks Jake.

Just came across Hickoree yesterday. Good shit fer shure!


Hickoree's Hard Goods is really good.

Great sites and picks Jake.

Yes Hickoree's is awesome. Here's another great one I found (this bag works for the ladies too):


Could anyone tell me if Riggerboots are BANNED or if they are just not allowed.
I run a shop that sells them, and I get asked the question all the time, but i don't have a true answer. can anyone help?
Thanks in advance :)

I could do with Knowing this too.
if someone could tell me if they are banned, that would be great, I will keep chcking on here if anyone answeres.

Love it those were the days when britain ruled the waves :) good share.afd

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