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jake, besides this video and the ones on the supreme site. do you have, or is there a video of this gospel in its entirety?

So fuckin' dope! Thanks for this one Jake.

Knowledge Reigns Supreme.

You're so lucky Jake. Cool flicks and vid.


when great minds come together

DOPE! Love that photo of the pool.

RZA, Supreme & Jake Davis. What's not to like?

Awesome! RZA is the man, pool is dope, Supreme book is dope. Thanks to all collaborators!

where in dirty jerz is the Wu mansion?

Angelo's hat is so dope. His style is so unique. Cool pics and vid!

Jake killin' it with Supreme as always.

Andre is a good dude man. I've never met someone that's so passionate about the music.

Dope shit Jake. Thanks.

Yeah. That's sick.

You know i have to bite that for The Civilized Gentleman....right?

So dope, Jake. Your videos with Supreme are so cool! Love 'em.

RZA x Supreme x Jake Davis. That's some dope ass shit. You guys come correct. Keep killin' 'em.

So cool.

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