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Repair it. When my two years old APC crotch exploded (and I'm talking about the universe being created exploded), I thought that it was just too sentimental to throw away. The tailor did wonders for how bad it was but I'm still wearing it to this day.
Two years old crotch: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2606/4187141134_fa85894ebb.jpg
And my current nine months old crotch: http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4047/4187141214_d5504afeec.jpg

Yeah definitely repair - those jeans have worn in too nicely to let a little thing like crotch-blow screw things up.
Or leave them, and remember NEVER to go commando.

That's not even that bad but it will get worse fast. As Johnny said, definitely repair it. I can't believe they lasted you as long as they did without blowing. Every pair of A.P.C.'s I've had blew out in less than a year (but I wear mine too much).

Repair definitely. I place a piece of denim under the hole and over stitch it with thread that's as close a match as possible to the denim fade. Done well it can be an almost invisible repair.

Use this thread

Repair for sure. Those are a great looking pair of jeans and the repaired crotch will only add character. I've heard really good things about these guys: http://denimtherapy.com/ as well as Denim Doctors in LA. In Nashville, Imogene+Willie can do some magic on them, and your best bet in Atlanta is probably Sid Mashburn. But the last thing I'd do is throw them out!

Hey, I got a related question.
I'm about 2 months of heavy wear into my first pair of New Standards. Anyone have any tips to avoid blowouts, or is that counterintuitive? Should I just keep wearing the hell out of them? or is it worth a preemptive patch or something? Has anyone done that?
Basically, I'm proposing the equivalent of suede elbow patches for the crotch. Now, there's an idea.

denim revival
amazing work!!!

Jake, swing by the fabric store and get some really interesting looking fabric to patch them. Perhaps a Hermes-y looking print.
You aren't trying to hide the wear. you are rocking it like a badge of honor.

Side note: the fabric store has become my best friend. I've been making my own pocket squares. My girl makes sashes that she wars as belts with her jeans.


I can second the recommendation for Denim Doctors in LA. They do great work and the customer service is top-notch.

Just wear them. Just make sure that everything is secure. Lol.

I'm so happy to have fond this post. I've had mine for about 3 years and the crotch is so bad that they are almost unwearable. I'm gonna take them to Sid Mashburn when I get down to Atlanta next week to hopefully be repaired.

I hate when my jeans start to rip after finally breaking them in. I would def repair them, but I'm usually just have to wait to get another pair.

You patch that shit up like a man, and keep wearing them.

I've worn a hole through the crotch or inner thigh of every pair of jeans I've loved (worn daily for months on end) and usually within a year. Repair is the way to go. Any competent seamstress/tailor can do it, support your neighborhood business.

Take them to a tailor that specializes in denim. I actaully think APC in NY has one that they recomend:


Repair, what I do is buy a Singer denim Iron-on Patch. Iron the patch on and then sew it for extra reinforcement

This happens to my husband a lot. I bought iron on patches at Target (near the sewing machines) and ironed them on the inside of his jeans. Done right, you can't even detect the slightest tear on the outside.

Contact Context in Madison Wisconsin. They have ace patching skills. I believe there might even be some pics on their site of it.

You have to get those repaired. They're too dope not to. Great post Jake.

i prefer the diy method of book-making thread and a large needle. i've ridden my bike in these levis 5-10 miles every day for the last two years. they were recently decommissioned after being used as painting pants.


36th and 8th, North side of the street, close to the T-Mobile store. There is a tailor there that will essentially armor plate the crotch of your jeans to make sure it never blows out again. The repair looks cool too. Every pair of raw denim that has blown out (and that is inevitable) has been repaired there. Two little eastern european women. They have never failed me.

Or, once you get tired of doing that, you can spring for some 45RPMs where they will repair for free.

Same thing happened to my RRLs, Took a piece of extra selvage fabric and sewed with my own two hands, not the cleanest work by any means but adds personality to the jeans.


Back in 68-72 or so Uncle Jack would give my brothers and I 5 bucks for our birthday. We could buy a pari of Levi 501's and a pack of Marlboro's in the box (not lights) with the half-sawbuck. We took the 501's home, got them wet, and slung them around the driveway for half an hour, and then washed them. You had to do this just to be able to wear them. We could only afford one new pair of jeans at a time so we wore these most days. They got sweet when they wore out at the crotch or backside and then we patched them with corduroy, purple velvet from an old Crown Royal bag or bandana material. Then they were becoming some pants with character. Patch 'em.

Repair them... Denim Doctors in LA is an awesome spot.

If you love them, repair them. If not, the apc store in soho will trade them in for 50% off new jeans.

If you are in Los Angeles, come in and see me at The Stronghold on Abbot Kinney and I can fix those right up for you.

Store Manager

always repair your jeans ....

Perhaps it's time for a little (flashy) reinforcement...


Here, here, Ulysses!!

Ryan Gray beat me to my suggestion. I had The Stronghold repair a pair Ernest Sewn fultons and the guys there brought them back to life. Next time you're in LA head to Abbot Kinney and let The Stronghold patch 'em up.

Thanks Jake....your thread encouraged me to finally get up to Mercer St and score my first pair of APCs. I'll be sleepin in these babies tonight.

Anyway, after all that work making them look that real, u gotta get em repaired.


Dear Jake,

There is a powder that is available in Australia that can repair damage like that. I forget what it's called but you dust it over the damaged area and then iron over it. The fibres of the fabric 'bind' together repairing the area without the use of needle and thread or taking a trip to the tailor's shop. I am not sure if you have anything like it in the USA. Maybe try searching Ebay. They could sure repair those baby blues.

Definitely fix the old jeans - and let a new spot wear out - makin' em better. Very cool jean they are!

I say leave it the way it is. I have a pair of jeans with a nice hole in the crotch and just the other day, I was at a get-together sitting on a couch with a girl who I happen to find quite attractive. We're talking and all of a sudden, she starts jokingly making fun of my jeans and all I say is "I'm glad you were looking at my crotch". She started to blush a bit and muttered "I have nothing to say to that".
Crotch hole for the win.

Based on my experience, worn jeans crotch was not that easy to repair.


Cut them off and make them into shorties!

i would keep wearing them until the bust apart. i would take any pair you dont want if its badly worn for you to wear. i like used jeans like that

why do you have so much friction in that area ?

When he contacts Random, Random reveals that Eric has contacted him and revealed the full extent of his defenses, which are vast and powerful.

No matter how many times I read it, it never gets old. You definitely hit the nail on the head on this one. This is something people need to know about.

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