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Nice post, very thought provoking.


i was driving through a huge field of flowers this summer and had no idea that it was actually a potato field until someone told me.

..crazy how long you can go without knowing much of anything about the every day essentials of your own life

Is it weird that while scrolling through those beautiful pics my recurring thought continued to be - "Man, my head would probably explode from allergies in there"?

Fantastic post Jake. Question - is that a JD original thought at the end of the post? I want to make it my lifelong mantra.

In 2001, I used to own a cotton field and was blessed with healthy cotton plants.

This is great Jake. Really love the concept.

I am interested in owning a cotton field because I like to make it bloom and grow.

These photos are gorgeous- I don't think I've ever seen anything like them before. And I love the thoughts you wrote.

Let's not forget the bloodshed, carnage, and unspeakable inhumanity this beautiful stuff caused the first couple' of hundred years of this country's development. Let's tone down the altruism people.

you wrote a very good article. and i like it well!

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