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Thats actually a myth about the patterns identifying washed up fishermen, created to give the sweaters a bit of 'back story' for townies and city dwellers.

But like Tony H Wilson said- "When you have to choose between truth and legend, ... I say choose the legend.”

Couldn't they have thought of a less morbid myth?


"Couldn't they have thought of a less morbid myth?"

The Irish have always been a bit sentimental.

The correct word used to describe the "sweater" in Ireland is actually an "Aran Jumper".

That "aran jumper" looks awfully similar to some stuff white people like...



The best preppy sweater is still the Shaggy Dog sweater @ J Press. I have been wearing them for over 50 years.

oh! its winter, the sweaters are so useful for those days! i really love them!!


This is where i bought one, they are pretty fantastic

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