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I don't think it's too forward. I'm not a flashy dresser in the least and I really dig this stuff.

I love this stuff! Especially those military inspired pants. I am not too flashy a dresser either.

There are a couple pieces in there that I'd definitely like to rock.

Those thermal sweatpants remind me of the Isabel Marant/Rag&Bone women's trend coming for Spring.

Ugh, dude's always have the best military/nautic garb. Japan trip it is.

although even more militaristic looking in material and construction, this reminds me a lot of NOAH, which needs to come back!

so tight.

this "only available in Japan" thing is killing me though.

I'm really digging these, now i feel like i really need to become more aware of japanese labels.
I puts my favs on my blog, with a link back to you.

dig the simple hooded parka and the hoodies at the bottom definitely.

This is a fine collection. Kind of Yohji Yamamoto does milspec. A bit fussy for me though.


shameless plug. I have a couple of Noah sweathsirts on ebay for sell. Sorry Jake I know Brendon is your boy.

like you said would look great mixed with the basics. sweatpants and naval stuff is catching my eye.

army green flannel pants are amazing. The pants seem to be winning out with others too...

This stuff is wicked.

feels very transitional in the sense that these clothes will move well throughout an entire wardrobe, i especially dig the sweats.

Really fantastic collection. Great find Jake.

Those early Browns Beach Jacket inspired sweatpants & jackets ROCK! The fact that we don't have this stuff available in the USofA or in larger sizes hurts. I want these and would support more vintage redesigns of this nature. By the way check this Madewell looks link http://www.madewell1937.com/2010/madewell_looks.html, seems right up the JD alley.

oh dude, please keep it secret.. its like the last undiscovered bastion of tokyo.. (no hype) shhh

The Military Cardigan and trenches are bananas!!!

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