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fabulous. filming and writing.

if you don't mind me asking, what kind of camera did you use?

Mannnn... Your skills are crazy. Good to see the face behind that great site.

Incredible :)

Great film, you've matched the soundtrack perfectly. Like you say, sometimes mother nature provides the best backdrop, especially when it snows!


Wow! Truly inspiring. Sean looks great. Awesome film. Love this series.

We should do a Test Shots. Reveal all.

The world is ready, Ulysses. Send me your math.

what song is this?

Love the coat Sean is wearing. It fits him perfectly. Who's it by?

would love some fanelli's right now

love that mark mcnairy coat

lovely to see a different setting. very well executed.

any info on the song?

I lOVE this one, Jake. The style. The environment. The music. Sean looks amazing. Impossibly cool. Great job!

he looks cool and comfortable

"..sometimes your backyard makes a pretty good canvas as well. Especially when mother nature is the one painting.." - Great words.

Wow. Most incredible test shot so far. Well-done.

Jake, this test shot was killa!!! My fav..

SICK!!! Definitely my favorite so far.

Eh. Setting's cool but he aint doin nothing groundbreaking.

Best one yet! More like this please.

My favourite so far. Just great.

dope. Love how you flipped the setting on us.

Do Ulysses next


Definitely one of the best so far not even a competition.

Sean great look also - snow added a cool spin on things

Favorite of the series to date

The way a man walks can tell you so much about him, i hope you incorporate this aspect into all of the future test shots.


So good. Love how everything came together on this one. Sean looks fantastic.


you really know how to capture the essence of a person with your music selection.

my favorite so far...

The Impossible Cool for sure... Love it Jake! I can't wait to see more!!!

Math sent brother.


Was a blast. Glad to be a part of this.

Thanks for the kind words everyone.


ps - coat is Mark McNairy and is comfortable as hell.


Wow, unstoppable.
Best test shot to date.

Keep bringing it.

Very cool. The most important aspect of good direction is being able to tell a story though the camera. The cafe sign in the back adds a retro element.

Now THIS is real style. Though I'm sure all of Sean's clothing is designer, each of the pieces look like something you might find at the local Goodwill.

Not sure what pants and shoes he was wearing but the hat looks like it can be from an Army Navy store, the shirt looks like it can be GAP, the denim jacket from Salvation Army, and the coat looks like an old London Fog coat that was taken to a tailor.

BEST test shot to date.

What I'd love to see are people that do not work in the fashion industry...

I know this neighborhood so well!

best place to shoot, it a true new york city feel.
love it

the name of the song is on the tip of my tongue.... help please.

Shift by Grizzly Bear

Keep up the good work. Thanks for the interesting video.

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