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Short shorts - are they coming back ???

This is the best.

action item: shorts & boots. can it be done. the eternal question.

Ahhhh the infamous ballsack segregation shorts, and they were getting along so well together.

awesome! agreed...these dudes weren't even thinking about fashion. it was all about the mission. totally inspired. thanks.

Great find Jake. Love these.

Man the Fleet Foxes are some hardcore backcountry enthusiasts. Kidding aside, great inspiration.

sharing is caring: http://www.pbase.com/mad_monte1/pct_1977_retro_thruhike

These are fantastic. Thanks so much!

The effort wasn't put into the fashion, it was put into the hiking and climbing. It just so happens that the looks that were functional then are very fashionable nowadays, with the resurgence of these styles. Just don't lose touch with what these items were meant for, the trails were their runways, not Williamsburg.

hahah I live in Oregon. People still look like this if you drive into certain parts of the state and check out some of the trails... just without the short shorts...

it's all about the hair for me

These pictures make me want to pull out my old backpack and hiking boots and make a summer of it along the Pacific coast. Sadly, my old Vasque boots gave up the ghost a few years ago. I still have some short shorts. And they Fit!

Why do things that come natural need to be commodified and then consumed? These dudes were not thinking of their style, but surviving in the wilderness.

Natural character is rare. Why not actually go to the mountains for a few weeks, and see if in the end you give a rat's ass about how you look. Metro-males…shiiiiiiiit.

Amen Chris - preach to em

Thanks so much for sharing. These photos are absolutely terrific. You've inspired me to wear my ancient pair of Dolomites on my morning hike today.

Great stuff, inspired.

*regrets trimming beard*

Love these inspirational photos. Thanks, Jake. Great find.

Shoot, now I want to get out to the pacific and go hiking, but first I get the SHORT SHORTS!!!

awesome photos, need that gear / look

If it were current day, you would only find people dressed like this in Williamsburg. Okay, maybe Portland as well. And they would all be vegan artists with mother issues.

Beautiful pictures. I love the late 70s even though I wasnt even born then. Counterculture becoming mainstream. The last great style era maybe.

So jake love the pics but where do they come from?
I have the Pacific Crest Odyssey book, the cover of which is set at the top of this post and they def are'nt in my copy.

nothing in the world is impossible if you set your mind to do it.

oh it is so cool !

These photos bring up so many great memories of backpacking in the 70's. I still have my Vasque boots, NorthFace external frame pack and trusty Sierra cup! I was all over northern NM and southern CO. Love the short shorts.

I'm inspired to check out the PCT!

Thanks, guys

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extraordinaires photos d'aventure,j'aimerai etre de partie avec ces gens braves.....Khalid

I totally loved seeing un-Photoshopped photos. That's part of the beauty of sharing - is keeping it real. Thank you.

I am currently ready Wild by cheryl strayed....a book about about her solo walk on the PCT! Love these pictures and love her book!

oldschool badasses!

Ended it was a very long yet very adventurous journey. I guess you've got a very memorable stay at places were you stopped and I know you really enjoy it.

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