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One of my favourites from you Jake. Love the cherry blossom. Can't take a stab at the clothes but notice all you guys across the pond rocking the 'camo'. Rock on

Awesome. Blossom.

Jeremy is easily the best dressed guy I know, hands down.

Those McNairy cargos are so dope.

mean mugging for life...

Beautifully shot, love the color, character, and camo pants.


I second that notion Garret. The way this man dresses is a tour de force.

Great video Jake capitalizing on the arrival of the Spring season and the always well dressed Jeremy!

Jeremy = effortless style.
You can see it's just who he is.
Nice one Jake.

The cool and refined GI Joe rotating in tranquility while among the evil arch nemesis, pollen. Ohh sweet sweet Zyrtec.

You should rename this Test Shots: Dressed by the Internet

McNairy Cargos - Check
EG Jacket - Check
CPs - Check
Chambray - Check
Preppy Necktie - Check
Vintage RayBans fitted w/ regular lenses - Check.

And who the fuck rolls up their pants w/ no socks when it's snowing? Where's Ulysses when you need him...

nice pocket square!


WOW! Epic... Great style. Cargos are sick.

JonIndia™ it's not snowing, it's the cherry blossom tree. But it seems like it's raining if you look at the ground and the people with the umbrellas in the background. And Jeremy dresses nicely but if it's at all cold and he reveals bare ankles the guys isn't really thinking straight. Great style otherwise.

Haha, hey Jens, you gotta give credit where credit is due, the name of the writer (Jason) appears below the comment.

I'm pretty sure those shoes are Adidas Rod Laver cleans (the leather model from last year, not the current mesh ones) and not CPs.

Jason- Those are not CP's they are Adidas. It wasn't snowing in NY yesterday (when this was hot) last time I checked. And since I know Jeremy personally I can confirm those are prescription Moscots.

Damn, haters gonna hate.

Jeremy's style is legit!

Exquisite film. Love the feel and style. Simply beautiful. Jake you're a true artist!

There's a second test shot up!


Limited edition Mark McNairy salmon trousers.

Hey Jason,

The test shot was filmed on the NYU campus yesterday afternoon. If you check the weather from Monday, April 26, it was rainy and cool, but not too cool to go without socks.

Those are prescription Moscots. Speaking of, you might need a pair yourself: The "snow" is actually cherry blossom petals from the first scene's tree, shaken by obliging fellow blogger Jon at http://gettingbeatlikeyoustolesomething.com/ to the point that the cops almost arrived.



Pull the stick out from behind. The ground was wet and people in the background had umbrellas, so I assumed the large white flakes were snow. Not to mention the douchey arm crossing could have been confused with a real function, like trying to retain body heat.

Oh sorry to offend the glamorazzi here... How dare I confuse the prescription Moscots with prescription Ray Bans that are borderline identical! Ray Bans would have been too Urban Outfitters for Ms. Jeremy right? But he's so rugged original that he sticks to the tried and true Adidas instead of some modern reinterpretation like CPs. Gimme a break.

Here comes the GLAMORAZZI !!! Shirtless Hollister models ATTACK !!!

I just bought the domain DRESSED BY THE INTERNET. Good one.

ok, loved the way it was shot, music was cool.

the speed of all the shots, the scenery, the general mood.. all very cool. big thumbs up. only criticism for jake is more of a question? what's the obsession with focusing in on people putting their hands in their pockets? it kinda throws me off..

and i don't know why this short has done it, it's probably just final straw sort of thing... but damn... guys keep talking about "classic" this and classic that... "timeless style"... admiring their grandfathers and stuff.

jesus get a grip. if you showed up to your grandfather's house wearing cuffed cargo pants, white trainers, chambray workshirt with a tie (seriously), and a decently (maybe) smart jacket.. and then a pocket square for good measure because the blogs are making you think that you need one of those and a knit tie with everything these days..

your grandfather would just laugh at you.. no wait, he probably think there was something wrong with you. he just wouldn't get it.. because only 12 year old girls play dress up.

everyone always mentions things like "understated" style... but then all the blogs go out and put together outfits or praise people who aren't really paying homage to any specific tradition or history of style, they're just throwing together a bunch of completely unrelated things and they look ridiculous. sorry.

i know i'm coming off looking like a hater here, and that's unfortunate. the thing is, i love a lot of the clothes shown here as individual pieces. i love the attention to detail in individual pieces and share the same interest in well-made, well-tailored clothing... but i guess i have a serious problem with the styling.

and i know what you're gonna say: "it's a modern creative take on classic styles."
fine. but in styling them the way you do, all of you who actually walk around looking like this have completely lost sight of the essential, timeless (blah blah blah) goodness that these clothes symbolized why before the "blogosphere" picked em up and helped you fuck it all up.

sorry jake.. i have lots of respect for what you're doing and hope this doesn't make it seem otherwise.

i guess i'll know if you agree that perhaps... perhapsssss the styling of classic clothing has gone a little to far if you decide not to delete this post as soon as you read it.

I think I found Ryan Willms brother - although far chubbier. Stylistically, of course - at least Ryan doesn't have that 'mother didn't teach me how to share' look.

It appears that being an asshole on the internet is just as trendy as Americana these days.

Who raised some you people?

Manners aren't an endorsement for Ed Hardy or something. They are still cool for some of us.

totally agree, jason.

Pants - Check
Jacket - Check
Shoes - Check
Shirt - Check
Tie - Check
Glasses - Check

What a hipster, try-hard fashion queen. Please. Try harder. Who does he think is? Homo. Did you buy these clothes at the store or something? Or, like, the online store? Whatever. Try making your own clothes or something, you trendy piece of aghhh forget it, I can't even go on, my eyes are throbbing and the vein in my forehead is doing that purple-ing thing, someone get me my pills god I hate the internet.

Absurd scrutiny will never get you laid...

Jeremy looks fantastic, even in camo (I said it!) with the right jacket, he manages to pull it off. Beautiful film and accompanying music, the scene draws you in even with the most simple concept. Great work!

There's nothing new here. Refer to 1995 and look how camo was worn. Those are nice pants though.

Hey L.A.S
You're commenting on COOL and STYLE and being SARTORIALLY INCLINED (whatever the hell that means) and you expect people to take you seriously with pictures like this floating around? Nice try Jersey boy. Stop spending all your time shopping on the internet and get a fucking clue along with the rest of your crew




I wasn't allowed to party in college?

Nothing to hide here. Get a life my man.


Point being you're a joke BRO

RS- You're totally right. Thanks for helping me realize that I'm not only a joke, but a bro. If you ever think of a way I can repay you shoot me an email. Cheers homie.

Where's the love? Why do you guys all take this so seriously? Dude has cool style, Jake shoots his piece with skill, and then posts it for some entertainment value, done deal . . . Love it or leave it . . . And RELAX!!!!!!!

Amazing film. Dope style. Those McNairy camo pants are beautiful. Great job Jake.

Ohh how I love you, non-diet Peach Snapple.

One of the great things about Jake's test shots, as well as the rest of this blog (and the Internet at large), is that it allows all of us to share our opinions.

However, after reading this particular conversation, it seems that it's often done at the cost of things that I, at least, think are important in intelligent discourse — namely brevity, checking your facts and, perhaps most importantly, manners.

Things that DO NOT constitute voicing an opinion:

• Insulting someone's weight
• Using the word "gay" or "homo" in an insulting manner
• Similarly, using salutations like "Mr." and "Ms." for the opposite sex for which they're usually used to imply that that person is too effeminate or masculine (depending on their gender)

That sounds like a pretty comprehensive list of insults, not intelligent criticisms, that middle schoolers, uneducated and insecure people resort to using. For those of you that did the above, I genuinely feel sorry for you and hope that you rethink how you engage other people through the Internet in the future. A poorly manicured Internet presence is a really good way to screw yourself in the long run.

That said, Lawrence? Your pictures are hilarious, I love them and I hope that there's never a time when those aren't available on the Web.

My only criticism, Jake, is that it would have been nice to Jeremy smile a little more. The reason his style looks is because he doesn't take himself that seriously. Just read his blog! Then again, I'm not very familiar with your previous test shots or the mission of the project, so there might be more of an emphasis on your ability to direct rather than capturing the subject "in their element." Just something to think about!

So much for brevity (!),


Is Jeremy a professor at NYU?

Your RSS feeder is not functioning.

the guy looks a twat, sorry an effected twat..

RS - I bet you were wrapped in chambray when you were born right? These are college party photos and I would be interested to see what yours' look like because if they aren't similar to the ones' you linked to you either a). took yourself way too seriously, b). didn't have much fun.

Enzo - You got me. You really got me.

I'm sure all three of your readers let out a collective "Oh Snap" to your retort.

Bravo sir, Bravo

Ps - We can argue all day gentlemen, but L.A.S still looks like a fucking strap-on, while my dignity is safe behind the anonymity of these grand interwebs.

As someone who knows both Jeremy and Jake, honestly, I'm super offended by some of these comments.

Jake don't let me speak for you, but I don't think of these Test Shots as some sort of prescriptive set of rules on how to dress. Rather, they serve to show us how these individuals dress. If you don't like it, move on.

Jason- I think the only one with a stick up anywhere is you. You've never ever crossed your arms when you weren't trying to retain body heat? Not to be a jerkstore here, but you've pretty much left no room here-Common Projects are too hipster and Adidas are some sort of elitist reaction to Common projects. Which one is it? Relax man, it's just clothes.

Vaughan, I can't even understand what point you were trying to make. Timelessness? What do you mean? I'm pretty sure our grandpas could give a fuck what we wear. Understated style? I think the only cliche you left out was 'quiet style'. I'm sorry but I don't think one pays 'homage' when they dress,but that's just me. What do you wear if I may ask?

Caleb. Really? Really?! Calling someone a try hard hipster when you yourself have a blog is a bit much. Especially when your most recent post is on a store in Brooklyn (can you get more hipster?) that sells EG, Rachel Comey, et. al.

RS- seriously man. I don't know what's worse, the fact that you took the time to sign in and post a stupid comment or the fact that you took the time to look up photos of LAS.

Ulysses- c'mon man, not your best snarky comment at all. You're getting soft.Maybe Jeremy's mom didn't teach him how to share but at least his parents taught him manners and how to politely engage people.

I know I'm reading way too much into these comments and in reality it's probably all in some sort of good fun-but somewhere along the way we've crossed the line. Wear what you want, think what you want, just be nice.

RS- You can sleep tight tonight knowing your anonymity is safe and that you, without a doubt in anyone's mind, lack any semblance of class or manners whatsoever (ones much more important than your apparent restraint when in college). You should be ashamed of yourself.


Is this the face you were making when you wrote that?


Goodnight hugs and kisses BRO,


this is the funniest shit ever...

Jon - Hey man, total 100% sarcasm. Sorry, it's my failing that it didn't come off properly.

Some of the comments were just getting way too ridiculous. Like the guy who's upset that they're common projects, then upset when he finds out they're not (and that it's snowing/not snowing?). It's too much.

This guy looks good and dresses with a natural style. No one should be getting mad about this.

No RS, you got me. 3 readers? I definitely need some ice for that wicked burn.

My readership has understandably diminished since I announced that I was going to stop posting three months ago...

Anonymity preserves you dignity? I say it cements you cowardice.


My bad. It makes a lot more sense now. I don't mean to be so combative. I agree it's just gotten a bit out of hand.

Last comment. Over and out.

That was a guess on the piano front by the way.

p.s jut read the above comments haha


Another Ohhhhh Snap!

You forgot a couple R's.

Is the internet circle jerk only when you all are in New York together, or does is it happen in other cities as well? Just wondering because apparently I missed the last meet-up/rooftop bbq and man my balls are killing me.

I was wondering why there was 50 odd comments on this one. I think we have crossed a very sad point guys(& girls).Suddenly this whole thing doesn't feel fun & have to ask the question - are we all taking this too seriously ? There should be more substance to the style we all talk about

Caleb - there is nothing natural, true or remotely unique about this style, I'm sorry. Everything screams "trying way too hard", which is the opposite of the natural feel some of you are fooled into thinking he's pulled off. I honestly don't see where the scathing defense of criticism is coming from.

rs, the same tossers exist in london as well

of course i used cliches.. because it's all a big cliche that's the problem

This man Jeremy, he's not just famous, he's IN-famous!

RS sounds a lot like the person who writes cheesewheelthruyourwindow.blogspot.com. If so, love the blog.

Great film. Great look. These comments are hilarious. Almost as entertaining as the Test Shot.

The problem is that this look is contrived. even LAS looks suspect. its one thing to obsess over ridiculous fashion, but another to think that you actually have what it takes to pull it off. A lot of people can respect what rick owens or raf simons puts out (supposed "cutting edge" designers) but you don't see 99% of the fashion world trying to one up each other to wear that style. My point is, yeah camo paints and red brick soled shoes are cool. Does that mean everyone needs to be wearing them or wearing them together. NO, in fact someone like LAS or this Jeremy guy would look awkward in probably most things that they wear. They are not a good representation of how to wear this stuff. It's like putting a pair of louboutins on a crack lady, it just doesnt look right. They are obv just a couple of kids that want to make up for whatever inadequacies they have, social or otherwise, by wearing what they deem as cutting edge. These are the same kids who were wearing neon nikes and matching t-shirts two years ago. Is this specific form of americana a fad? yes it is. Will it have some mainstream success just like every other exploited niche? yes it will. Will it be because a couple of ugly hipster kids wore camo pants? NO. the taste makers are people who make clothing look good, not ridiculous and pompous.

here's a tip to the bloggers. stop ordering clothes online. buy your stuff in store. make sure you have an outfit in mind before buying something. Don't just buy something because you saw it on a blog.I could go on but I digress. just stop dressing according to the internet hype trends. you may be one upping your fellow try-hard bloggers, but you look retarded!

griff - I agree with most of what you say, but I think your argument would've been just as valid without the personal attacks.

It's just clothes people. Why all the hate? So what if it looks contrived? Is it really worth getting pissy about? Find something to be stoked on and live life.

Kyle- Unless what you get stoked on is Mark McNairy gear haha. But in all seriousness, you probably made the best point out of everyone.

"Find something to be stoked on and live life."


Jeremy's style here is nothing impressive to me personally. If I saw this on the street, I wouldn't glance twice about it.

p.s. This is nothing against Jeremy as a person, just the outfit.

This outfit is the equivalent of a mullet.

Can't believe I just read all that.

I want my 5 minutes back.


I feel like Daphne!!!

kyle - my bad, not meant to overtly insult anyone but harsh words are sometimes needed to get across a point.

the blog scene is so delusional it seems like outright insulting language is the only way to get to some of these guys. Literally they are basing their style judgments on a handful of equally delusional try hard blogheads. It's like herd mentality on a very small scale. If you look at style trends in specific forums throughout the internet it is the same way. You get one really original dresser who is the "tastemaker" and the rest of the crowd is usually just a bunch of kids trying to imitate those people.

LAS seems like a good natured asshole like anyone else, but he most definitely does not -know- style. he's just part of the herd. You can tell by that one picture in which he's wearing the camo pants with his hands in his pockets, he's not even comfortable in his clothing. he's one of those guys that was wearing nikes two years ago.

i mean i could go on with these people on a individual basis, but its more important to look at this on a larger scale. Some people can pull this style off, others cant. LAS once you put yourself out there beyond the limited scope of the blog world you'll see... all the backlash from your camo pants picture is proof positive.

but again i digress, kyle did have it right, but i want to add something to it

Find something THAT IS YOUR OWN, get stoked on it and live life.

if you're stoked on someone else's shit or solely to prove something to other people than you sir, are a sheep (or worse).

all praise GRIFF

There is not one person in this picture - http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_q94mNatWthE/S9UQen3WqUI/AAAAAAAAIjI/SNIQvVYDobY/s1600/Picture+14.png - that should be considered an "influential blogger," just a bunch of internet nerds that figured out which web store to buy from. Sorry guys, better luck next fad.

this needs to be said AGAIN!
That has "influential style"


Reading your comments is so depressing. How's counseling going?

Only an insanely lonely person like you would take the time to dissect someone's clothing so he could get a "right on man" on the internet.

Please find another way to get off. I hear
www.nutsindaass.com is right up your alley.

Keep up the good work and maybe one day you can be a star!

Jeff and Karl,

The funniest part about your comments is you pulled that photo from you_have_broken_the_internet_ implying the "high and mighty above all" person you both are still reads men's style blogs. Good lord. Please guys, just stop being so lame. Go home and stare at your McQueen posters some more. I really hope I get to meet you guys in person. Keep cashing that trust fund.



STYLE IS COMFORT IN ONESELF. CLOTHES WORN THAT MAKE AN INDIVIDUAL COMFORTABLE, IS STYLE. If you're second guessing what you're wearing or trying to rock something for the sake of the label or recognition, that means your confused like hell and have NO style. STYLE IS A STATE OF MIND, not all this other bullshit, not if you're wearing Common Projects or Adidas, or spending $800 to prove that you're a non-conformist or a fashion rebel. Plus more power to you if you rock Adidas or even Steve Maddens and are confident with your decision. That vibe will be written all over your face, and you have style. We might not all agree with each others style, but it's style. Simple.

Plus, I thought us New Yorkers were much more chill than this.

Honestly, fuck the blogosphere. Who these guys think they are, right?

Anyway, back to Jeremy. I think the man dresses really well, and I say that because I've actually had the opportunity to see him in person. I wouldn't condone putting so many standout pieces in one outfit cause then none of them really end up standing out.

I also highly doubt he dresses like this day in and day out. He wanted to look good for the camera and there's nothing wrong with that, but sometimes trying too hard is a man's downfall. This is a perfect example of that.

"sometimes trying too hard is a man's downfall. This is a perfect example of that."

word. anyone defending these clowns are part of the herd. it's only natural for them to defend each other.

it takes real balls to be your own person, be into your own shit solely because YOU dig it. Those people are getting boners for attention, they just want to prove something to the other bloggers. Its not that surprising that this blog fashion scene has become a race to see who can be more cutting edge, more authentic, blah blah blah. It really is just another hipster culture, everyone trying to outdo everyone else.

All these guys are alright, but they just make shitty, immature decisions when it comes to clothing (maybe other stuff too who knows). They are doing it for the wrong reasons. Mainly to one up each other, or to get attention, or to imitate someone else. In a subculture that seems to be so interested in being an individual, there sure are a lot of unoriginal copycats.

Never before have I seen a man look so confused. Is his angered? Does he look this pretentious when he teaches a class of young undergraduates? The level of 'attempt' in this man's attire and facial expression is appalling.

Superb Test Shot. Love the style and filmmaking. Great job!

hey alex what would you really do if we meet in person?

Heritage style guys 2010 = Streetwear doodz circa 2003.

Is this the same guy in the frat pictures? http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_q94mNatWthE/S9UQd-iPpmI/AAAAAAAAIjA/RwiB_oz0rFE/s1600/Picture+13.png

Hahaha @ jamonit

and they are still making horrible style/outfit choices, just with a different look.

they should just give up and start shopping at abercrombie and fitch. at least then they wouldn't be trying so hard. they might actually look alright since they'd at least be comfortable in their attire.

There is nothing wrong with evolving your style. I think the problem most people have with this group of guys is that their style feels so newly adapted, which comes across in pictures as them being extremely uncomfortable in the outfits. Someone with true style wears the clothes, not the other way around. Everything LAS has on in the picture two posts up looks like it was just unfolded from wherever he bough it.

Give your style some time to settle in before you pen blogs advising everyone else on what designers they should be paying attention to or what pieces they need for spring. You guys get all up in arms because someone put down your friends gear, but you are the ones that made the conscious decision to put yourself out there. These are just the responses. Can't take the heat boys...get the hell out of the kitchen.

...once you put a face on some of these bloggers you realise that you can't take anything they say too seriously. it actually took jake davis's test shots to help me learn this. i was a pretty big fan of h(y)r collective, but when their test shots came out, i realised that the thing i valued about their blog wasn't their "look of the day posts", but moreso some of the individual pieces of clothing they review and some of the reports on the way things are made, store visits and other shit like that. when i saw the way they paired the clothes together, and their individual style, it just showed me how differently some of us would wear the same pieces. and i'm not gonna go out and say they've got it wrong. they're doing it the way they want to and it makes them happy. it's not for me, but that's no one's problem. we shouldn't crucify people for doing things the way they want to, because in the end, we're only responsible for the things we do and the way we choose to act.

these blogs aren't here to dress you. and for any of you who looked at them that way and then found yourselves feeling "betrayed", you only have yourselves to blame. if you don't like the way they've thrown clothes together, you can still find some positives..

example: to blue camo pants guy: "your outfit isn't for me, but thanks for telling me about mark mcnairy's shoes and so and so's well tailored quality made shirts, etc. etc... i might go and check some of that shit out."

L.A.S is still a strap-on....

is this the guy that runs www.nutsindaass.com ???


The Seiko dive watch is a nice touch. Dope ensemble.

"Heritage style guys 2010 = Streetwear doodz circa 2003."

Truest thing I've heard in quite some time.

why are y'all so mean?

Mr. Anselmi is probably the most level-headed guy in here.

After reading most of the comments, it seems as if many of you take yourselves WAY too seriously.

Going as far as to google people to see how they dressed back in college is probably one of the lamest things I've seen on here.

Wear what you like, whether it is from Mark Mc Nairy, the GAP, J.Crew, EG, thrift or wherever.

There is nothing worse than a guy that sits on the internet all day, walks into the store of the moment, buys everything, puts it all on at once and then scoffs at others for not dressing as "hip" as him. There is a term for people like that...Fashion Victim.

Such snobbery in here...

...Jake, regardless of how I feel about Jeremy's attire, I think you did a great job once again. Keep on keepin on.

"There is nothing worse than a guy that sits on the internet all day, walks into the store of the moment, buys everything, puts it all on at once and then scoffs at others for not dressing as "hip" as him. There is a term for people like that...Fashion Victim."

actually the term is "american fashion blogger"

These comment threads provide interesting criticism and discussion about style, fashion etc. And when this criticism is presented in a way that's not a personal attack on individuals most of us have never met, it makes very interesting reading.

Really, who's actually threatened by what fashion bloggers wear? I just can't seem to get angry about anything I've seen here or on any other similar blog.

It is inevitable fashion bloggers, and people commenting fashion blogs are uncool people. Imagine Steve McQueen or Newman having men's style blogs advising people to go buy chambrays because it is so classic and understated and will never go out of style. Maybe organising some meetings and form a style cult posse, wear the same mad expensive brands and stand on a streetcorner so they have a chance to get noticed publicly because they've got nothing else to do since they put all their money and time into looking nice. Or maybe Bob Dylan analysing why somebody does not have swagger and taking pictures of his selvage denim to show people how nice it faded.

Cool people don't have fashion blogs or comment on fashion blogs because they have stuff to do instead of worrying about how effortless their or someones style is. When wearing clothes becomes a goal on itself instead of aiding what someone wants to achieve it gets superlame.

Now people are going to be like well you commenting on this shit too, but I dont caaaare.

I sure wish I could take your fucking camera and shove it up your ass!
maybe play some stupid loungy/emo music in the background while I do it too...

A couple observations and comments. Jake, your test shots are always interesting and the quality is awesome. You are in a different league of bloggers. Keep it up. What is the camera you use?

It appears that sometimes these bloggers/tweeters post more for each other and not the general public. It's easy to get so wrapped up into your passion and lose that sense of reality to make the occasional blunder and slip on a pair of blue camo pants. You know the old saying.."Looks good on you" but, so be it. If it makes you happy, go for it and who cares.

Finally, to all the bitter queens pecking away on the keys with their razor pointed nails.....lighten up. Obviously you are interested in fashion more than the average person or you wouldn't be here. My guess is you didn't google a random name like Jeremy and end up here. These guys are doing what inspires them and hopefully enjoying what they do. If you don't appreciate it, tune out or if you are so much better at it, do so and post your blog addy for the rest of us to enjoy it. I choose to read the blogs and edit out what I don't care to read.

A little late to the game, but this was definitely shot outside of la maison francaise at NYU

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