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I love these shoes. They are definitively dope.

So fresh. Best collabo in a long time. Great color.Love the laces too.

Those are super fresh! Definitely gotta cop a pair.

Where are these to be had?

Where can I buy em. Need to cop

fyi to those hunting: these will be available at most syndicate dealers worldwide...seems like the total # accounts is close to only about 40 at this point. stockists are not allowed to sell online.

I know for our booked stock the qts are pretty slim, we were only allocated about 2 dozen between all three colorways. Paul Mittleman previewed the black, and the 3rd is yet to be leaked.

they should be arriving before the end of the month.


They are so much better than the picture displays. Comfortable and look amazing.

I see the fashion on this shoes.It can be paired on any color of your everyday clothes like jeans and simple blouses.My brother will surely love this one.

It signifies importance and it’s a people-pleaser. Not everyone likes chocolate, not everyone likes marzipan, not every likes carrot, but everyone does like Verden’s Beste. And for good reason.

The shoes is so simple but looks so expensive. The material used is very great and the color is so good.

They looks so nice. The designs are simple yet very appealing.

I’ll be really curious about what you think of the pizzas then! Enjoy and keep me posted.

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