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it's not easy being a style icon. keep up the great work Jake!

agnes b made a nice one back in the day.

Stripes looks good on him. keep it up Jake.


The reason why everyone is offering Breton shirts is because everyones been all over them for several seasons now. I thought you were ahead of the curve Tts a bit like posting on your blog, style alert roll ups are hot now! Whats beyond the stripe thats what you should be going on about. Dots and spots. It is and it will happen.

Noah (Brendon) has been doing this stuff for years.


Do your homework...


Nautical stripes are timeless.


This Breton shirt, does it come in thicker and fewer stripes..?

Please advise.


Sorry, but I don't think you are the reason people are wearing chambray shirts. I have been for a long time, and I will continue in the future also.

Regarding some of the commenting above; weird attitudes indeed... - quite possibly JDavis is just pointing out a NY overall 'tipping point - hence the Gladwell reference. Either way; be nice.

where can i get one with the collar like in this photo of Deaner here?

Really nice shirts. I've been chasing their apparels for a long time.

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