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I love it! I do like it better than the collection I'm afraid, but I not a big Schott NYC fan. Unfortunately a lot of Doormen/bouncers/bodybuilder types wear their jackets over here in UK.
Saying that, the Orange duffel coat would be a safe bet for me. I might have to reconsider my thinking on Schott.

Hey Greg, what happened to the Brits @ the World Cup this year? tisk tisk.

Schott is on my radar. They're doing some cool stuff.

these are so off the mark.

coming soon to an outlet mall near you.

These are awsome, Jeez cut em loose Bryce, or go get laid or something!

Looking good.

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describing the details and telling the stories of the entire collection. I almost like this as much as the clothes themselves so I thought I'd share it with you guys. The blaze orange waxed canvas duffel coat is a real standout, as well as the multiple uses for the Dixie Cup hats... Amazing... I'm really looking forward to this line. Thanks to Greg, Jason, and Jennifer http://www.mbtfootwearusa.com/

I was in NY this weekend and did not bring my usual MBT sneakers (they are just too big and heavy to pack) and I paid the price. I got my usual toe blister and one on the bottom of the back of my heel. New York is a fabulous place to walk a lot and I was so sad I didn't have my MBTs but I did bring some nice boots. They also gave my the above sore spots. I walked into an MBT store and saw these boots. I loved the look! Sadly I wear a 10.5 and they only had a 10 but I tried them on and they fit and the rest is history! I walked all over NY for 2 days in my new boots and they feel and fit like a glove! My heel and toes thank me!

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