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Taye H. [email protected].already following..the photo and the belt are sublime..

Would love to own one!!



this is really cool.

That's so crispy...Jake Davis is a genius!
[email protected]

Best way to get this is via giveaway!

I really wouldn't mind being given these. Seriously. Really wouldn't mind.

Such an amazing package, it really is interesting that the popularity of this book on the web generated the reality of it being put into print again, I go to law school in Philadelphia and I take some time every day to stroll around U Penn's campus, would love to have the giveaway, that's about the only way I can get new clothes these days haha, keep it up Jake

Good news is, Australia is about 9 months behind any Northern Hemisphere trend, so I can still pretend to be a trend-setter.

Nice giveaway

Awesome stuff, Jake.


Nice!!! Would love to own it!!!

Expecting my copy as soon as they're released in Europe.. it'll still take a while.. Wouldn't mind the belt and sweatshirt though!

Philip Tan
[email protected]


Ryan Hong
[email protected]

super sweet!

evan silver

[email protected]

Would not mind snagging this for the price of on-the-house.

Very nice. Very, very nice.

Greetings from Toronto. Would love this.

Courtney Chenard

[email protected]

already following you!!!! ::this is sick::

Don't mind if I do...

I would treasure this!! The belt and sweatshirt compliment Take Ivy perfectly! A fantastic collaboration!

Joseph Congelosi
[email protected]

I'd love to have a copy, though I'm hoping that someone publishes "Take Morehouse" next year.

Merci Jake

forgot to add my email, [email protected]

Glad to see ACL getting props for helping start the Take Ivy obsession. Count me in for the contest.

that looks very nice indeed, would love to get a hold of this!

henri neuendorf
[email protected]
already following you on twitter!

You are too awesome!

Wowie. That looks nice.

Daniel Scheppke
[email protected]

Gotta be in it to win it.


Have wanted this book ever since I heard about it on ACL.

caplice at gmail dot com

Do want!

info at unsignedhype dot nl

Totally love this. Being a college student who is an avid follower of menswear and would love to work in the industry, I take a lot of inspiration from this classic. Wish I had the cash to snag this.

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[email protected]

Edwin Cruz

[email protected]

[email protected]

Wow two things to hold onto for life!


[email protected]

Great stuff.


[email protected]

Love the blog and your work.

Lauren (yes, I am a girl and want Jack Spade)
[email protected]

Miguel Montesinos

[email protected]

I would love to own this package

I did a photo shoot with the ol' boys formely known as HYR on a remake of Take Ivy. Love to see the inspiration in person.

Always a fan Jake.

Old but gold.

Svetoslav Petrov
[email protected]

looks like a sweet package.

Some things never go out of style, no matter how much they try.

I've been following you forever and a day now. This would be an excellent score.

[email protected]

Katie Mack

great combo
rob d.
[email protected]

Great stuff Jake. Brent B.
[email protected]

Nothing to loose...

[email protected]

Crossing fingers...now


[email protected]

sweet package!

this book is amazing.
Ibtissame - [email protected]

Awesome as always...

[email protected]

Shaun Stevenson
[email protected]

Provided wrong email in previous post. Sorry. Also I don't have twitter account.

Shaun Stevenson
[email protected]

Already following..

Brendan Cotter
[email protected]

Benton G

[email protected]

[email protected] . yes.


Looks amazing. [email protected]

Damn, would love to lay my hands on that.


[email protected]

[email protected]

t.b. [email protected]

This book has been pimped into the grave, but I wouldn't mind a copy.

[email protected]

nice job on the Sebagos. I've been wearing them non-stop since Monday.

hook me up jake...

[email protected]

thanks, leon

[email protected]

you can buy this book for 20 bucks, how is it all worth 245

simple, details, classic.

[email protected]


Love to cop

Never realized how many K Swiss shoes were in the Test Shots... funny

Damn dope giveaway. Would love a shot at it.
Shea White
[email protected]

stephen chinn
[email protected]

I once met a man with an original Take Ivy print. He wouldn't even let me touch it. fantastic giveaway.

Great Stuff

This would be the perfect birthday present for my boyfriend.... It's good to give presents that you really just want to keep for yourself, right?

I like what you said about buying in and not selling out. Well put.

[email protected]

[email protected]

do it.

Already ordered a copy of the book, but I'm sure I could find a use for another...[email protected]

Michael Williams from ACL is a war loving red neck.

So wavy, so crispy brah!

Joe Ford
[email protected]

[email protected]

Amazing giveaway. And thanks for the Test Shots; they're always beautiful.

All the best,
Domenic Pagalilauan
hidomenic [at] gmail [dot] com

Tim C ([email protected]).

looks sharp as anything... also didn't know you were on twitter - have just followed!
Nick Pointer
[email protected]

Jordan Lee
[email protected]

Shawn Anderson
[email protected]
great blog,! and g'luck to all above me

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Husband & I *love* your blog!
(As well as all the cool stuff in this giveaway!)

Hannah B.
[email protected]

Already following your tweets Jake

Cheers, Dan Witchell
[email protected]

This is ridiculous combination of objects. Looks great.

[email protected] for the above comment.

Love your work and blog. I'd love to have this kit!

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