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the baby faced gangster in the last photo cracked me up.

like the shot of the dandy in the 3 piece suit above him. he looks like trouble, but could also be a bond salesman at brown brothers harriman

Much more wonderful than these photos are those found in Peter Doyle's magnificent book CROOKS LIKE US, mugshots from the 1920's Sydney Australia police files. Some of the most astonishing photos you will ever see.

These are fantastic.

fucking great!

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These are amazing photos! The last one amazes me, looks so young. I think the real beauty of these is the raw emotion. The expression i see in their eyes tells it all. Some say screw you I dont give a damn for what I did...some look worried, some dont seem phased at all. Beautiful.
-Minka www.thestupidme.com


amazing stuff, will look it up

capture in Test Shots, these images command so beautifully. Whether these people have committed crimes or not there's an incredible honesty and freedom in the moment of the photograph I'm attracted to. The emotion in their eyes, the uniqueness in their clothing, and the attitude in their energy is an undeniable inspiration http://www.mbtfootwearusa.com/

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Thank you for sharing!

I’ll be really curious about what you think of the pizzas then! Enjoy and keep me posted.

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Yes the photos are both scary and beautiful...like any great photos they make you wonder what the person is thinking and how he got to be where he is. It´s also amazing that the shots were not taken in a professonal studio but in a courthouse or jail by..just think how many people the photographers must have seen pass through their lenses like this....

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