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Putting aside any feelings I have for this asshat, everything about this fit fucking sucks. First that hood is fucking ATROCIOUS. I don't don't care if rick owns collabed with hedi slimane on it, one it's obviously oversized and the hood sucks bawls. and he makes MADE IN REST look like fucking timberland, this is really shit.

yeah, that was weak.

Love Jake & Drizzy! Great style.

What brand is the jacket from ?


"I be getting CHAI just to balance out the lows"

Drake is very talented but not in the style department

Just plain ill! Thanks for the great stuff and that track is the shiz!

DOPE! Killed it as usual.

Hes gorgeous! Drake is talented :) Keep it up Drake!

Gotta love that cloud camo! L'chaim.

So dope.

This truly captures the essence of Drake as a rapper in the game, how respected he is and how he is going to take over the game by his mysterious appeal.

Hes gorgeous! Drake is talented :) Keep it up Drake!

In this case the iconism of one of our generation's new stars.

campaign for Thank Me Later. It incapsulates everything I love about Test Shots. Not just the amazing style but the personality and layers of people. In this case the iconism of one of our generation's new stars.

"Drake, can you spin for me?" "What, Jake you trying to kill my career overnight?!?" Hahaha... Much thanks to Drake

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