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Great video, great song. The opening sequence has got a very distinctive "test shot" vibe to it. Looks awesome.


Solid video, and nice cameo at the beginning haha.

Taylor gang or wear vintage chambray shirt every day of the week!!

Looks so good. And anything with Too Short is a win.

Great job Jake. Love the video dude.. very dope!

Jake: great job on the video. Love the flow and angles.

On the other hand, call me old, but what the hell happened to hip hop? Can these boys find anything else to rap about other then weed and drink? Ah, anyway, not the time or place...

this looks nothing liek a "JAKE" VIDEO this video is damn wack!

Just like I like my steak...well done, brother!

Do i really have the sense of mourning the loss of my youth and confusing about my future?

You didn't thank the weed man that supplied so much of the content! haha

There are certain guidelines within the genre I had to stick to and then I tried to put my own little spin on it

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. There are certain guidelines within the genre I had to stick to and then I tried to put my own little spin on it.

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Awesome video, thanks for sharing here with us. I like english lyrics of Wiz Khalifa's "On My Level". This song really touches my heart, I love it.

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I’ll be really curious about what you think of the pizzas then! Enjoy and keep me posted.

I looked at two of my idols work Darren Aronofsky and Tony Scott and thought if they made a hip-hop video what would it look like.

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