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did YAYO do coke in nyc? (hear thats the rage over there)

Excuse moi but where is that shook ones piano piece coming from?


That's on some gay hipster man love shit. So stupid!

Dicky Dayo

Who care about the identity of some hipster trust fund man baby cut and paste blogger?

What a douce bag, was hoping someone would toss a bottle at yall out of the slow motion cab.

Some dumb ass waste of time shit!

--Suck a dick---
Mickey Mayo

Nice choice on the shook ones

He's hot!

This is beautiful.

oh he's hot.

Ya'll is lame. An industry run by a bunch of idiots. On the real, you do good "Test Shots" and I floss, but this one sucks and it seems like you just did it because this guy is your boy. Learn to have some integrity with your work and maybe you'll actually do something one day.

i love the man, good shit

You gotta let that beat build! Extended cut requested.

Most biking websites as well as local bike shops have list of race events open for beginners and experts.

I love Yimmy. He's the nicest guy around.

Thank you for sharing!

Thanks for this, I agree with most of your points. Good to see someone with the same opinion.

I think your opinions are reasonable.But I don't agree with you to some extent.

@Mickey Mayo.

Please, for the love of all that is sacred, find something else to do with your time other than hate on people who you can't be, or people who you seem to have a beef with for no apparent reason.

He isn't a trust fund baby, nor is he a cut and paster. If you want to form an opinion as strongly as yours, i beg you to take the time to actually see what he does, or even meet him.

Yim is amazing. he is talented and compassionate and caring and extremely down to earth. he is driven by nothing other than his work and his dedication to any task. and that ain't such a bad thing hey.

I’ll be really curious about what you think of the pizzas then! Enjoy and keep me posted.

Ich mag dieses Artikels, sind besonders gut.

I’ll be really curious about what you think of the pizzas then! Enjoy and keep me posted.

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