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the fit looks a little baggy... why not just buy hanes perfect-T's?

48 bucks for a worn looking t... i sware; people these days be high as fuck!

All the blessings we enjoy are the fruits of labor, toil, and self-denial, and study.

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jake's t-shirt?

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Love taking photos. Love everything about it. I love to talk about it. I love to dream about it. I see the wonderful inspiring photos online and wish I can be the one taking it. yeah, that’s my ultimate dream.

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The fit is really great and it's made in the USA.

Incredible picture this guy is really handsome and I like his look is so fresh and different of another

I notice the sleeves are abit loose. I saw better ones at www.facebook.com/thejinrikisha
They specializes in Pocket Tee with good fitting.

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Voila, I can now use 2007 as if it was 2002,

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good article.

This is so cute! I love it so much.

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