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I'm soooo excited about Taylor's new video!! Can you give us any details about it? Will it be a performance video? Story-line video? And when can we see it!??

My lips are sealed. You'll have to talk to Taylor for the details...

Can't wait. I love Taylor. :)

Okay, I'll be patient, but dang I can't wait to see it! Make it great, Jake! ;)


After being let go from the evil Idol empire, Taylor Hicks decided to self-release his next album on his own homemade label, Modern Whomp Records. The first product of this is "What's Right is Right", available for preview on Amazon. Honestly, it sounds the same as his last album which didn't catch on. So let's hope the rest of the record has better songs for Taylor's sake. A music video is coming for this song on January 12th, so that should be interesting, and the album drops on March 10th. Taylor's still the first Idol contestant to acknowledge this website with a picture, so we hope he does well, but we also hope his batshit crazy fans eat themselves to death at a buffet of cupcakes. The world would be a better place.

Just read your impressive bio. Know you'll do an awesome job for Taylor Hicks. He is an amazing singer, performer, entainer, songwriter, he has it all! Thank you in advance.

Can't wait to see the video!

Ahhh you're in the Chi huh? If you're around over the weekend and need something to do, hit me up @my email...

later, enjoy the freezing weather!

Oh, and you should have used my pic of that location! haha


Looking forward to the video. When will it be released.

You sure are an industrious little ______ .


Jake, as a former film major myself (USC School of Cinema) love your style, I see your cinematic approach to music video production which is a nice change from the norm. So after viewing your work I guess we can expect a lot of low angle shots and expanded depth of field in your upcoming "What's Right is Right" video with Taylor Hicks. I am currently checking out your short films and have been impressed so far and wish you luck with the feature you are currently developing.


It's hard to kill that internet voice, right? haha. Man, looks like Mr. Hicks has absolute great taste selecting you as his videographer.

Thanks everyone for the love and support!

Do right by Taylor, he is a very talented man.

Good luck with the video. As a Taylor fan, I am always surprised at how heavy his face looks in videos, even though he seems thinner in person. Please make sure you keep this in mind when shooting his face. Thanks.

I hope you'll be able to shoot him on a good day, when he has had enough sleep. And make sure his scalp isn't showing through his hair. You have to make it look like he isn't thinning.

So thrilling. Taylor has been making all the right choices from the get-go. Jake, you are just another right choice. Let's face it...What's right...is right!

I can't wait for the video. I'm sure Taylor will look great, he is so tall and handsome.

Hi Jake,
What a great site! I'm so glad you're working on Taylor Hicks' video. From what I've read, he's had more than his share of detractors. My daughter and I saw his last show on Broadway in September. His charisma strikes you like a bolt of lightening. Make him look as handsome as he is. Play up those gorgeous long legs and his soulful, sexy eyes. The talent will take care of itself. With all the negativity this man has stood up to in the past few years, it's time people got to know the real Taylor. He's a keeper.

Taylor is talented with a capital T.

I am lucky enough to possess copies of all the albums he has ever made. I much prefer his independant music that was produced before and now after Idol. I love the new single Right Is Right and regardless of whether it is a hit or not, my support of Taylor will not change. It looks like the single has a very classy video to go with it. I am one English bird ( I live in England ) that cannot wait to see it.

So. Get a load of you. Whence dost thou jog, in your hawt Chairman Mao outfit and your uspeakably chic black Crocs with matching soccer mom man-purse? Are you sprinting from a grease fire at Dunkin Donuts? Did you just hear of a twofer sale at Tents for Tanks, a discount emporium for the fashion-conscious sperm whale?



I bought it on its release date hoping to hear a mature sound and lyrics. I was more than suprised at how much she's grown as an artist and as a woman. I'm impressed.

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