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while i don't really care about manicure sets, i think this post really respresents the strength of your blog, mr. davis. i love how you put (material) things into a larger, sociological perspective. please keep up the excellent work.

I used to loathe the quotations you'd throw under your blog titles, but to be quite honest with you, I was half expecting a great Trent Reznor line with this one!

nothing quite says "tough man" like $200 tweezers and nail files.

Nothing quite says "tough man" like a snarky blog comment.

It's actually five high quality stainless steel instruments all German made: nail clipper, tweezer, cleaner/pusher, nose hair clipper, and nail file. And it comes in a very masculine black nappa leather case.

I don't think toughness has anything to do with money. Tough can be rich or poor.

If you check classic mob obits, a favorite place for a hit was a barber shop - a trim (head, nose, eyebrows) a shave and a manicure with clear nail polish and then a bullet in the head.

Clear manicures were a favorite of the Rat Pack as well.

Maybe, someone would like to ask Joey Fingers about his cuticles...


I agree it's weird how keeping yourself groomed went from something every man had to know to now requiring a modifier for one's sexuality. Strange indeed. Although metrosexual or not, dudes need to keep their fingernails on point.

I love how manly it is.. It kind of reminds me of my dad's tool box he used to carry around while fixing things in the house :)
My boyfriend loves (no, LOVES) doing his nails, so this could actually be a great gift for manly mans who love indulging themselves from time to time (when no one is watching!)

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