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i miss the triple fat goose trend...

here's an interesting cultural treat for you:

"we" wore these scarfs in Germany around 88-92 in solidarity to the palestinian and lebanese struggle back then.

wearing one of these automatically stuck you in the left wing radical movement and made you a clear target for skinhead beatings which were administrated on the daily.

Wicked story.

Funny you posted this. I just bought the one the top right.
I figured it would be ideal for a long flight since my neck gets cold from the cabin temp. A regular cashmere number would be to bulky on a plane.

Incredible piece... Especially in that charcoal color.

These are called gamchas and can be bought on any street in India for about 50 cents and are used as towels. They are all handspun khadi (this means really cheap) and after washing once or twice super soft (you have to get the starch out). I can't believe they are marking them up to $263. If anyone wants the same thing for cheaper go to any Hare Krishna temple gift store and ask to purchase a gamcha.

Although a traditional gamcha may be a reference point for these stoles by R by 45rpm, it's not the same thing. It's kind of like comparing a rickshaw to a Ferrari. In this world you almost always get what you pay for. Sorry...

Sorry guys, these scarves are more inspired by the krama, traditionnal cambodian scarf...


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